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PG&E Contributes $3 Million to Help Rebuild, Restore Communities Impacted by Wildfires

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.— Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) announced today that it is making a series of donations totaling $3 million to several community groups to help ease the impact of the extraordinary wind-driven wildfires in Northern California. “Our hearts are with all of our customers and communities impacted by these wildfires. We’ve proudly served these communities for over ... Read More »

RTD hosts “Your Transit Needs” Workshop

Stockton, CA – On Monday, November 13, San Joaquin Regional Transit District (RTD) invites the public to join the discussion about how transit can be improved in San Joaquin County. During this event, attendees will be met by RTD representatives to take their input. Comment cards will be available in English, Spanish, Vietnamese and Tagalog for those who want to ... Read More »

PG&E Nears Electric Restoration Completion; Gas Restoration More than 60 Percent Complete in Communities Impacted by Northern California Wildfires – PG&E Urges Customers Not to Relight Pilot Lights Themselves for Safety Reasons

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.— More than 4,300 Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) employees and mutual-aid partners continued restoring electric and gas service to customers impacted by the unprecedented wind-driven wildfires in Northern California. As restoration efforts continue around the clock, PG&E has an absolute focus on customer and public safety while supporting firefighting efforts. By late Monday night, the company ... Read More »

Greg Watanabe Returning to the San Francisco Bay Area for a Concert Dramatic Reading of Hold These Truths

Fresh from his Broadway debut in George Takei’s “Allegiance,” Greg Watanabe will be returning to the San Francisco Bay Area for a concert dramatic reading of Hold These Truths . Local performing arts fans will remember Watanabe from his performances with the comedy sketch group 18 Mighty Mountain Warriors and with the Asian American Theater Company. The San Francisco chapter ... Read More »

10 TIPS FOR AVOIDING OVERSPENDING ON DIWALI – U.S. Bank explains how to give thoughtful gifts without breaking the budget

MINNEAPOLIS (Oct. 3, 2017) – Diwali, the Hindu Festival of Lights, involves major gift giving and U.S. Bank has 10 tips for Diwali devotees to avoid overspending yet still ensure family and friends receive thoughtful gifts. Often with dozens of people on a gift list, it’s easy to overspend and overextend credit that has lingering financial effects, U.S. Bank District ... Read More »

Sharing the Festival of Lights Diwali celebration offers joy, devotion and chances to practice prudence

The Hindu Festival of Lights evokes joy, celebration, and a time of auspicious spending or investing. And with some careful planning, Diwali devotees can avoid overspending yet still ensure family and friends receive thoughtful gifts. Since it’s common to have dozens of people on your gift list for the celebration of light, it’s easy to overspend and overextend credit that ... Read More »

Pacific Pharmacy Students to Host Free Health Fair VN CARES Annual Pacific Outreach Health Fair to serve the Sacramento community.

WHAT: On November 12, Sacramento residents will have access to free health services such as blood pressure, blood glucose and cholesterol screenings. University of the Pacific pharmacy students, under the supervision of licensed pharmacists, will provide free health care services and education to the underserved population in this community. Last year the event attracted more than 100 attendees and VN ... Read More »

Mariinsky Orchestra – Valery Gergiev, music director and conductor Daniil Trifonov, piano

Mondavi Center Presenting Program Now in its 234th season, the Mariinsky Orchestra holds a distinguished history as one of Russia’s oldest musical institutions, and one of the most acclaimed orchestras in the world. Founded during the reign of Peter the Great and housed in St. Petersburg’s famed Mariinsky Theatre, the orchestra makes its Mondavi Center debut conducted by Valery Gergiev ... Read More »

新調查:多數亞裔美國小型企業主難以找到員工 – U.S. Bank 全美銀行調查結果顯示企業主擔心企業將因勞動力短缺而蒙受損失

舊金山(2017 年 9 月 28 日)– 根據 U.S. Bank 的一項新調查顯示,有超過四分之三的亞裔美國小型企業主表示,他們很難找到優質的員工,且擔心此狀況將阻礙其業務。 U.S. Bank 全美銀行企業銀行業務負責人 Ross Carey 表示:「亞裔美國企業家比一般的小型企業主更為悲觀,也因為如此導致他們對企業成效的滿意度降低。」 此項發現為 U.S. Bank 全美銀行的年度小型企業調查的一部分,該調查範圍囊闊了該銀行擁有分行的 25 個州內 200 家亞裔美國企業主。 由於優質員工的短缺,有 77% 的回答者表示他們在職業訓練、提高薪資、控制公司預期增長與降低工作資格等方面更加努力。有四分之三的回答者也表示其擔心勞動力短缺會損害公司的長期未來(相比佔所有業主的 66% )。 僅有三分之一的亞裔美國企業主表示他們對企業所帶來的回報感到滿意,雖然其中有近半數 (48%) 表示明年的收入預計將會增加。 U.S. Bank 全美銀行的亞裔美國企業主調查的其他發現: • 經濟上的不確定性是挑戰其企業的一項最重大因素,其次則為稅務與銷售狀況不佳。 • 有 45% 回答者認為在現行的政權管轄下,國際貿易政策將受到更嚴格的限制,但多數人 (54%) 表示他們不認為此情況會影響其業務。 • 有超過半數 (55%) 的企業主在明年不打算擴大其資本支出。 • 大約半數 (52%) 的企業主正積極地嘗試吸引年輕的消費族群顧客。 • 大約有五分之一 (18%) 的企業主表示其業務往來銀行並未提供與其他小型企業雇主交流的管道,他們都期盼能獲得人脈與商業交流的平台,這份盼望遠超出全國平均水準。 本調查為 U.S. Bank 全美銀行為支援美國亞裔企業主的眾多努力之一,希望能為其提供量身訂做的資訊、工具、建議與小型企業服務。全美銀行分布於各大亞裔人口聚集地區包括,洛杉磯,舊金山,西雅圖,芝加哥。 U.S. ... Read More »

NEW SURVEY: MOST ASIAN-AMERICAN SMALL-BUSINESS OWNERS STRUGGLE TO FIND EMPLOYEES – U.S. Bank survey results show owners fear business will be hurt by workforce shortages

SAN FRANCISCO (Sept. 28, 2017) – More than three-quarters of Asian-American small-business owners say they are struggling to find quality employees, and they worry that will impede their business, according to a new survey by U.S. Bank. “Asian-American entrepreneurs are more pessimistic than the average small business owner, and that pessimism is bleeding over into a lower level of satisfaction ... Read More »

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