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Pacific Gas and Electric Company 太平洋煤電公司(PG&E)誠邀您參加可以讓參加者互動的網上研討會,了解我們各種預防山火,確保用戶及社區安全的各種工作。 8月31日(星期一)| 5:30-7:00 p.m.按此加入 » or 或撥免費電話 (844) 738-1853 » | 研討會 ID: 4279783了解更多 » 我們繼續感受到新型冠狀病毒(COVID-19)疫情的影響,亦明白用戶依賴可靠電力服務的重要性,尤其在居家避疫的情況下。這是我們致力減少公共安全斷電 (Public Safety Power Shutoff,下稱PSPS) 的發生,亦希望分享資訊幫助您為今年山火季節做好準備。 透過這場中文網上研討會中,您會聽到我們防止山火的各項工作,我們也會解答大家的問題,您也可分享您的意見。在此研討會上分享的資訊與我們自五月起每周三舉行的地區性英文研討會類似。 減少PSPS的影響範圍、縮短斷電時間以及為用戶提供更智能化的服務及資訊PG&E的山火預防計劃山火安全工作的進度助您準備PSPS的各項資訊 欲收看過往在您的社區進行的英文研討會或下載有關資料,請前往 »我們每天正努力工作來改善供電系統的安全及穩定性以減低山火風險。欲了解我們的山火安全措施和您可以如何作出準備。請前往 » 注意事項 • 此網上研討會會網上直播,我們建議您使用電腦播音機收聽。

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Kollaboration – 2020 Census Town Hall

Kollaboration is proud to be an official partner for the 2020 Census for a WEEK OF ACTION!RSVP NOW AT Join us for an empowering virtual town hall focused on galvanizing the Asian American community to participate in the 2020 Census.It’s more important than ever to engage and count the nation’s marginalized communities. Asian Americans are currently the least likely to …

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City of Elk Grove Diversity Month

Click Here to To Visit the Diversity Month Page Throughout the month of August, the Elk Grove Diversity and Inclusion Commission and the City of Elk Grove will offer virtual opportunities to explore the many cultures that make up our community.  Learn self-defense with a free martial arts lesson, join a live cooking tutorial, see a fashion show, open your horizons to a …

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PG&E – Wildfire safety webinars and events

Join a PG&E wildfire safety webinar PG&E is hosting a series of online webinars for anyone who is interested in learning more about our Community Wildfire Safety Program. These virtual gatherings will allow community members to learn more about wildfire safety and emergency preparedness, meet with PG&E representatives, ask questions and share feedback. NOTE: PG&E is also planning to host a …

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