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Minor Feelings – An Asian American Reckoning by Cathy Park Hong

Winning New York’s Bestseller and National Books Critic’s Circle Awards, Cathy Park Hong uses her memoir, cultural criticism, and history to illustrate the state of race, identity, culture and social norms in America. Click Here for More

The Sympatizer by Viet Thanh Nguyen

Viet Thanh Nguyen’s Pullitzer winning novel tells the story of a North Vietnamese spy during the war who comes to the United States as a refuge and becomes a advisor in Hollywood about the Vietnam War. The novel depicts America from the interesting perspective of a Vietnamese spy. The story can be both moving yet funny. Click Here for More


Asian Enough – Hosted by LA Times Frank Shyong & Jen Yamato

The podcast brings on Los Angeles Times reporters Frank Shyong and Jen Yamato to chat with figures and celebrities about their Asian American experience and share their personal stories. Guests have included Kamala Harris, Margaret Cho, Jon M. Chu, Dumbfoudead, Jose Antonio Vargas and more. Click Here for More

They Call Us Bruce hosted by Phil Yu and Jeff Yang

Hosted by founder of “Angry Asian Man” Phil Yu and writer/journalist Jeff Yang, the podcast unapologetically discusses everything that is going on with Asian America today. The show brings on a variety of guests including celbrities, directors, autors, politicians and influencers. Click Here for More

Saturday School hosted by Ada Tseng and Brian Hu

Hosted by journalist Ada Tseng and professor Brian Hu, the podcast talks about the story and history of Asian Americans through pop culture. Each season discusses a different subject within pop culture such as musical films, film, comedy and etc. Click Here for More

Asian Boss Girl hosted by Melody Cheng, Helen Wu, & Janet Wang

Melody, Helen and Janet are three best friends that gather to discuss work, life and love on this succsesful podcast. A perfect show for the modern day Asian American woman, many listeners find laughter, inspiration and healing through the ABG’s honest, relatable, and real converstations. Click Here for More

First of All hosted by Minji Chang

Hosted by actress, community leader, and entrepreneur Minji Chang, the First of All podcast provides uniltered conversations about life, culture and careers through the Asian American perspective. Chang invites guests such as actor Yoshi Sudarso, community leader Sam Hyun, singer AJ Rafael, Asian Boss Girl, artist Megan Lee and more. Listeners can find humor, inspiration and relatability. Click Here for More


Always Be My Maybe poster.png

Always Be My Maybe

Two best friends (Randall Park and Ali Wong) reunite and spark a romantic relationship in this hilarious romantic comedy. Wong is a star chef while Park plays a hometown musician, and they must each bring their worlds together for this to work. It illustrates the Korean and Chinese American experience and identity, especially those who are 2nd or 1.5 generation Americans. What is interesting is that the Asian American identity is incredibly symbolized through all the food and dishes within the film. Click Here for More

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“Based on an actual lie,” The Farewell is about Billi (Awkwafina), a Chinese-American who learns that her grandmother is dying but the family keeps it a secret from the grandmother. With a sad premise, the story manages to bring laughter and comedy through Billi and her family’s relatable moments and its depictions of the relationship between Asian Americans and their Asian roots. Click Here for More

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Tigertail tells the story of Pin-Jui. Born in the country-side of China in a hard-working family, Pin-Jui dreams of moving to the States and finding the American Dream. Leaving behind his life and love, Pin-Jui accepts an arranged marriage and moves to New York only to find himself with years of hard-work and a loveless marriage. It has been years, and Pin-Jui wonders on “what could’be been” and reflects on his estranged relationship with his daughter. The film beautifully portrays parts of the Asian immigrant experience and the broken relationships, hard work, and sacriices that were made in exchange for a “better life”. Click Here for More

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