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FCI News Catch!

With seven news bureaus located in major cities throughout US and Europe, FCI News Catch! provides in-depth, up-to-the-minute coverage of breaking news stories all over the world. These news packages are broadcast on “Super News” Fuji Television’s top rated news program, daily on Crossings TV.SAMPLE CLIP


NHK News 7

Covers various domestic and international issues including politics, economics, stock markets, foreign exchange rates, sports, and social issues. The program is well-acknowledged nationally and is one of the highest ranked news programs in Japan.LEARN MORE

NHK World

Experience the diverse stories and culture in Japan. Explore the people, events, journies and beauty that awaits in Japan.


Hello Restaurant

The Tokyo TV original program, Hello Restaurant introduces hot restaurants in San Francisco Bay Area. In each episode, the restaurant’s popular dishes are featured. It even takes you to goes inside the kitchen and shows behind the scenes of the restaurant.

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