Chinese / 中文 Programs

Shanghai News PP

Shanghai TV Primetime News 東方新聞

An integrated news program with in depth reports about China and international events. SAMPLE CLIP


Phoenix Evening Express 時事直通車

Daily Cantonese News from Phoenix TV USA to keep you connected with Chinese communities at home and overseas.


If You Are the One 非誠勿擾

The most popular dating show in China. 24 female candidates will keep their lights on if they think the male candidate is “the One”. There are also two experts giving relationship tips and suggestions to the candidates and audience.


A Bite of the Countryside

Explore the new look of the beautiful countryside and experience the whole process of hometown food production.


Today’s Topics Series 今日話 系列

Cantonese talks from Phoenix TV. “News Decoder”(知多D), “Good Fortune”(好世界),”What’s Up”(搞邊科), “Healthy and Happy”(康樂園) and “All Walks of Life”(有偈傾)


Chinese Drama 每日電視劇

Hot Chinese drama from Monday to Friday. Titles include “The Wolf (狼殿下),” “For My Love (我們的愛),” and “Cosmetology High (美人制造).”


Little Chestnut’s World 唐朝小栗子

This 3D animation series introduces children to traditional Chinese cultural and ethical values.


C for Chinese 國民漢字須知

C for Chinese aims to rekindle Chinese speakers’ interest in Chinese characters. SAMPLE CLIP

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