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PG&E Reminds Customers: LED Holiday Lights Are the Safest Way to Brighten Up the Season—and Help Save Money


SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.— Holiday lights and decorations are already popping up around many communities in Northern and Central California—offering a dash of much-needed cheer in 2020. As those lights go up indoors or outside, Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) reminds customers to use energy efficient bulbs, which are the safest option and can help save money. “Holidays are a …

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Get out there and show the love – “Keep it local King County” campaign launches to support regional small businesses

King County Executive Dow Constantine kicked off a new social media campaign to encourage people to discover offerings from arts organizations, gyms, restaurants, and retailers as the region embraces new public health instructions. This effort follows the successful awarding of financial and technical assistance to hundreds of King County businesses. As King County follows statewide temporary restrictions on public gatherings, …

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Chukchansi Resort & Casion has over 30 Table Games with Health/ Safety Protocols

The renovation to Chukchansi Gold Resort & Casino’s AAA Four Diamond Resort is complete. The resort also takes enhanced health and safety measures for its guests and team members. The resort has placed strict cleaning and disinfecting practices to provide the cleanest, safest experience possible. The rooms have been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, utilizing hospital grade disinfectant that kills 99.9% …

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COVID-19 Update: State Moves San Mateo County Into “Orange” Tier

Shopping malls, restaurants, places of worship can operate at higher capacity, additional restrictions eased The state of California today announced the easing of certain restrictions on businesses, indoor and outdoor gatherings and other activities in San Mateo County. The changes take effect at 12:01 on Wednesday morning. With the risk from coronavirus now officially declared “moderate,” the county moves into …

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Mayor Garcetti’s Key message for Week of 11/9

President-elect Biden: Mayor Garcetti believes that by electing Joe Biden, America chose a leader of decency and empathy — someone who understands that each individual matters and deserves an equal measure of opportunity and dignity. By electing Kamala Harris, Americans will witness an extraordinary daughter of immigrants stand tall as a champion of possibility — a reminder to little girls …

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ガーセッティ市長 – Mayor Garcetti’s Key message for Week of 11/9 (日本人)


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Thị Rrưởng Garcetti – Mayor Garcetti’s Key message for Week of 11/9 (Tiếng Việt)

Tổng Thống Đắc Cử Biden: Thị trưởng Garcetti tin rằng bầu cho Joe Biden, nước Mỹ đã chọn một nhà lãnh đạo đứng đắn và đồng cảm – một người hiểu rằng mỗi cá nhân đều quan trọng và xứng đáng được đánh giá bình đẳng về cơ hội và phẩm giá. Bầu chọn Kamala Harris, người Mỹ sẽ chứng …

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市长 艾瑞克·嘎塞提 Mayor Garcetti’s Key message for Week of 11/9 (Traditional Chinese)

MAYOR’S KEY MESSAGE FOR WEEK OF 11/9: CHINESE – TRADITIONAL總統當選人拜登: 賈西堤市長相信喬·拜登當選下一任總統,代表美國人民選擇了一位正派 和有同理心的領導人– 他明白每個人都很重要,並享有同等的機會和尊嚴。通過賀錦麗當選下一任副總統,美國人民將見證一個優秀的移民子女達到前所未能的高點-提醒所有不同種族的小女孩和住在全美各地的年輕人,他們在美國也有同樣的機會。賈西堤市長肯定他們將成為洛杉磯的堅強合作夥伴,我們早已準備好阻止新冠病毒的傳播,復甦經濟,治愈種族不平等的創傷,應對氣候危機,投資基礎設施,保護移民家庭的生活,並重新構建未來。賈西堤市長祝賀我們的下一任總統和副總統,他期待與他們攜手合作,讓洛杉磯和美國更強大。

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