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PG&E Encourages Safe Planting During California Arbor Week and Beyond

San Francisco, Calif.—To kick off the celebration of California Arbor Week, Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) reminds customers of the importance of planting power-line friendly trees. When the right tree is planted in the right place the benefits are many, including keeping homes cool by providing shade, enhancing property values and cleaning the air. If the right tree is ... Read More »


Long-Term Partnership with Chinese Chamber Further Demonstrates Comcast’s Longstanding and Deep Commitment to the City’s Asian-American Communities SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Feb. 11, 2019 – Comcast’s California Region today announced that it has formed a long-term partnership with the San Francisco Chinese Chamber of Commerce and will be a procession-level sponsor of the 2019 Chinese New Year Festival & Parade. ... Read More »


Comcast與中華總商會的長期合作,進一步證明其對本市亞裔美國人社區持久和深刻的承諾 加州舊金山;2019年2月11日- Comcast 加州地區辦公室今天宣布,它已與舊金山中華總商會建立了長期合作夥伴關係,並將成為2019年農曆新年節慶及巡遊的巡遊級贊助商。這標誌著 Comcast 首次贊助這個將於2月23日星期六舉行的節慶活動。 Comcast 加州商務發展及策略副總裁 Elaine Barden 說:「新的一年帶來新的開始,Comcast 很高興與中華總商會建立這個長期合作的新關係。一直以來,Comcast 尊重分佈於舊金山和整個加州地區的亞裔美國人社區和文化。透過這次贊助農曆新年節慶及巡遊的新舉措,包括首次派出花車參與巡遊,Comcast 將這一承諾提升到一個全新的水平。」 為紀念地球豬年,Comcast 的巡遊花車將體現連接和娛樂的特色,而這正是 Comcast 每天工作的核心-提供千兆速度的 Xfinity 寬頻網路、突破性的 Xfinity X1 視頻平台、超越快速的 Comcast Business 創新解決方案、屢獲殊榮的 NBC 環球電影和電視內容。屆時 KIPP 舊金山大學預科儀仗隊和舊金山警察醒獅隊也會加入 Comcast 的巡遊隊伍。 舊金山中華總商會會長區國雄(Eddie Au)說:「當我們有機會邀請新的巡遊級贊助商參加今年的農曆新年節慶及巡遊時,很高興 Comcast 加入了我們,不僅僅是2019年,而且是長期的承諾。這確實說明了 Comcast 何等重視與舊金山的亞裔美國人交往。我們期待著他們參與帶來的興奮,並殷切企盼看見他們創新和具創意的新花車。」 Comcast 還宣布將與歌手和YouTube明星陳以桐(Jason Chen)以及模特兒、舞蹈家和女演員Lucia Liu 這對知名亞裔美國人「情侶檔」合作。他們兩人將在中華總商會農曆新年節慶活動期間與 Comcast 一起參加各項活動。他們將成為 Comcast 在全美華埠小姐選美的特邀嘉賓,並在 Comcast 花車上亮相,以及於2月23日上午9時至下午4時30分舉行的社區街會中在 Comcast 展台再與公眾見面。 此外,來自Mandarinmama.com的亞裔美國人灣區博客和數位內容創作者 Virginia Duan 將與 Comcast 合作,成為 Comcast 在2019年農曆新年節慶及巡遊的客座博客和內容創作者。Virginia 將為Comcast ... Read More »

PG&E Submits 2019 Wildfire Safety Plan; With Additional Safety Precautions and Significantly Expanded Public Safety Power Shutoff Program

Highlights Ongoing Work and Investments to Help Keep Customers and Communities Safe SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.— As part of its ongoing commitment to reducing wildfire risk, Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) yesterday submitted its 2019 Wildfire Safety Plan to the California Public Utilities Commission. The safety plan marks an expansion of enhanced and additional safety precautions PG&E began implementing in ... Read More »

CAL FIRE Concludes that PG&E Equipment Did Not Cause 2017 Tubbs Wildfire

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.—Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) today issued the following statement in response to the release of information by the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE) regarding the October 2017 Tubbs wildfire: Without question, the loss of life, homes and businesses during these devastating wildfires is heartbreaking, and we remain focused on helping affected communities ... Read More »

SFGH Foundation’s 2019 “Hearts in San Francisco” Sculptures Now on Public Display

SAN FRANCISCO (January 17, 2019) — San Francisco General Hospital Foundation (the Foundation) has announced that the tabletop and mini Heart sculptures from the 15th anniversary collection of the iconic Hearts in San Francisco public art project will be on display at Macy’s Union Square, Wilkes Bashford, and Anthem Home leading up to the Hearts in SF event on Wednesday, ... Read More »

PG&E Proposes Critical Investments to Enhance Wildfire Safety and Help Reduce Wildfire Risk

PG&E Proposes Critical Investments to Enhance Wildfire Safety and Help Reduce Wildfire Risk Additional Diablo Canyon Power Plant Proposal Affirms PG&E’s Commitment to Meet California’s Renewable and Clean Energy Goals SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.—Reflecting the company’s commitment to address the growing threat of wildfires, PG&E is proposing a series of important additional safety investments as part of its 2020 General Rate ... Read More »

PG&E Continues Response and Restoration Efforts in Butte County; Receives Support from Mutual-Assistance Partners

SAN FRANCISCO-– With the Camp Fire 100 percent contained, Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) crews are continuing to safely restore electric and gas service to the communities and customers in Butte County, where possible, so that residents can return to their homes. To expedite service restoration, mutual-assistance crews from more than 15 utility companies across the United States and ... Read More »

PG&E Readies for Thanksgiving Week Storms; More than 2,000 Personnel Continue to Support Camp Fire Response

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.—Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) is readying for the most rainfall since early April across Northern and Central California starting Wednesday and continuing through the Thanksgiving weekend. PG&E electric crews and vegetation contract crews are on alert for potential outages and will be ready to respond to outages, and local emergency operations centers will activate as needed. ... Read More »

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