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Just in Time for California Arbor Week, PG&E Offers New Safety Resource to Help Customers Plant the Right Tree in the Right Place

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.—Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) is kicking off California Arbor Week (March 7-14) by unveiling its new comprehensive web resource for its customers and communities that includes rules, tips and guides for planting trees safely near electric and gas lines. The Right Tree, Right Place web resource can be found at and includes free downloadable brochures …

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AARP 乐龄会加州主任 Nancy McPherson 寄语:关于针对亚裔美国人和太平洋岛民(Asian American and Pacific Islander)的仇恨犯罪

近日,加州出现了一波针对亚裔美国人和太平洋岛民(AAPI)社区令人紧张的种族冲突暴力和骚扰。更令人不安的是,年长者事实上也成为了种族主义的攻击目标。 AARP 乐龄会强烈谴责所有种族冲突暴力和骚扰行为。 种族主义是让我们的社会受到破坏性、分裂性言辞和暴力行为影响的毒药。我们必须致力于阻止任何形式的种族主义——而这需要社区内所有成员的承诺。 AARP 乐龄会深信,我们必须要齐心协力阻止种族主义,并努力揭露种族主义说辞的本来面目。用 AARP 乐龄会创始人 Ethel Percy Andrus 博士的话来说,「如果我们不满意事情现在的样子,就必须要关心事情可能变成的样子」。我们能够且必须联合起来阻止社区内的种族主义和仇恨。 我们必须全力争取让我们的社区变得平静而和睦,并且必须拒绝可对社区繁荣所需的安全和保障造成威胁的侮辱性成见和暴力说辞。 AARP 乐龄会敦促所有人造访加州检察总长网站,从而了解关于如何对抗种族主义,以及如何报告种族主义暴力和骚扰的更多资讯。如要了解受害者如何保持安全以及旁观者如何提供帮助,请造访。

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Tiếng Việt / Vietnamese: Santa Clara County’ Office of Immigrant Relation Launches Outreach and Recruitment for Eligible DACA Recipients for New American Fellowship

Hiện tại, Quận Hạt Santa Clara đang nhận đơn cho chương trình cho những công dân Mỹ mới (New Americans Fellowship) mà là trong trường hợp đến mỹ từ nhỏ (DACA) hiện tại đang số ng, làm việc, hoặc đi học trong Quận Hạt Santa Clara. Trương trình này sẽ là 10 tuần t ừ tháng 6 tới tháng 9 …

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Santa Clara County’ Office of Immigrant Relation Launches Outreach and Recruitment for Eligible DACA Recipients for New American Fellowship

SANTA CLARA COUNTY, CALIF.— The County of Santa Clara is offering the New AmericansFellowship program to Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients living, working, or going to school in Santa Clara County. The New Americans Fellowship (NAF), a 10-week leadership program that runs from June through September 2021, offers a stipend of up to $10,000 to cover living expenses. …

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Japan House Film Screening -“True Mothers” & Discussion

Naomi Kawase photographed by Leslie Kee

 JAPAN HOUSE Los Angeles, a Japanese cultural destination in the heart of Hollywood, is proud to present an online screening of the critically acclaimed film True Mothers, written and directed by award-winning and internationally lauded Japanese director Naomi Kawase. Available now through March 10, 2021, the film’s online screening is accompanied by a live “Mothers and Film Making” discussion with Kawase and …

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California on Track to Reach Capacity Goal of 3 Million Vaccines Per Week, Pending Available Supply

California to Move to Single Statewide Vaccine Eligibility Standard on March 1, Eliminating Confusion Caused by Varying County Standards State Vaccine Network Transition begins in phases starting March 1; Full Operation Expected by End of March My Turn to Become Leading Source for Scheduling Appointments Over Time SACRAMENTO –Taking another step to fulfill Gov. Gavin Newsom’s charge to build a …

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SacRT Offers Free Rides to COVID-19 Vaccine Appointments

SACRAMENTO, CA – The Sacramento Regional Transit District (SacRT) will begin offering free transit rides to everyone who needs to get to a scheduled COVID-19 vaccine appointment location beginning on Monday, March 1, 2021. The free rides include all vaccination sites in Sacramento County within SacRT’s service area, including hospitals, pharmacies, and other immunization locations. To ride free, customers need …

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全球首个全民用太空飞行任务 Inspiration4 任命第二位机组人员

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital儿童研究及治疗医院的医师助理兼儿科癌症幸存者  Hayley Arceneaux代表此次具有历史意义的飞行中的“希望” 剩余两个席位在 2 月 28 日前仍向公众开放 曼菲斯(2021 年 2 月 22 日)讯 — 全球首个全民用太空飞行任务 Inspiration4 已揭晓第二位名机组人员,就是来自田纳西州曼菲斯市的 Hayley Arceneaux。今年29岁的Arceneaux 是 St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital® 儿童研究及治疗医院的一名医师助理;她小时候曾在 St. Jude 接受过骨癌的治疗。现在Arceneaux将加入由Jared Isaacman 所指挥的 Inspirtion4 飞行任务。她将坐上代表着“希望”的任务席位。 “能夠加入 Inspiration4 机组对我来说是无上的荣耀。这个席位代表着希望,就像 St. Jude 所赋予我且继续给予像我一样,透过步入 St. Jude 的大门从而找到希望的全球其他家庭,」Arceneaux 说道。 「在我10 岁的时候,是St. Jude 给予了我成长的机会。现在我正在实现于研究医院工作和全球旅行的梦想。能够加入此任务,我非常高兴和荣幸。本次任务不仅能够为St. Jude 挽救生命的工作筹集重要资金,还能为此任务介绍新的支持者并向癌症幸存者显示出一切皆有可能的决心。” 今年 38 岁的Isaacman,是Shift4 Payments [NYSE: FOUR] …

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加州大學舊金山分校亞裔健康研究院 新冠肺炎病疫(粵英語) 視像城市論壇第十二集

CSF Asian Health Institute12th Covid-19 Virtual Town Hall MeetingBilingual (Cantonese/English)  (Zoom Only)加州大學舊金山分校亞裔健康研究院  新冠肺炎病疫(粵英語) 視像城市論壇第十二集 Wednesday 星期三February 24,   二月二十四日, 2021下午 5:00 PM – 6:15 PM (PST) CoVID-19 Virtual Community Town Hall Moderator / Panelist 論壇主持Diana Lau, PhD, RN, CNS  劉雪艷博士Director,  UCSF Asian Health Institute 加州大學亞裔健康研究院主任 Panelists 演講嘉賓Monica Gandhi, MD, MPH  甘地·莫妮卡醫學博士Professor, Department of Medicine, UCSFAssociate Division Chief (Clinical Operations/ Education) of the Division of HIV, Infectious Diseases, …

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PG&E Extends Its Ongoing Support to Customers Affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic Through End of June

Numerous Customer Protection and Financial-Assistance Resources Continue During These Trying Times SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.— In response to the ongoing economic challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) said it will extend the existing COVID 19 customer protections through June 30, 2021. The protections were set to expire on April 16. This comes after a vote …

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