King County Essential Services Continue to Operate with Modifications

King County employees are continuing to deliver essential services, but public walk-in access to many county buildings is discontinued until further notice due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The affected facilities are: King County Administration Building, 500 Fourth Ave., SeattleKing County Sheriff’s Office registry on second floor will remain open. Access is through doors on the north (James Street) side of …

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PG&E is Committed to Providing Safe, Reliable Energy and Ensuring Business Continuity in These Challenging Times

Unwavering Focus of Company’s 23,000 Employees, Many of Them Represented Members in the Field, is Providing Safe and Reliable Gas and Electric Service during COVID-19 Pandemic PG&E Opens Emergency Operations Center to Coordinate, Facilitate Company’s Response Planned Outage Repair Work in the Six Bay Area Counties Suspended for Next Three Weeks SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. — The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting …

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NQAPIA (National Queer Asian Pacific Islander Alliance) Responds to COVID-19

Due to COVID-19 and cancellation of NQAPIA events in order to keep our community safe and healthy, we have cancelled our Leadership Summit and Community Catalyst Awards this month. This and many other cancellations has led to loss of wages, tips and inability to work remotely for the service workers at 88 Palace in Chinatown NYC and the Key Bridge Marriott in …

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抢购 紧急购买是指在预料到会对个人健康或安全造成威胁的情况下购买大量 产品的行为。 装满杂货车可能会暂时缓解您对COVID-19的担忧,但会产生现实后果, 例如价格上涨和最需要的人的必需品短缺(想想医护人员的口罩)。 有效准备 请访问,以注册加利福尼亚州奥兰治县的群众通报系 统,该系统可以使居民随时了解可能需要立即采取拯救生命行动的紧急 情况。 请访问,以了解如何为自然灾害准备工具包,这些自 然灾害更可能影响您在OC上的日常生活,例如野火,山洪和山崩。 请密切关注可信赖的卫生部门,并遵循他们的指导。 我们的健康咨询专 线是通过1(800)564-8448回答您有关COVID-19的问题。 Loading… Taking too long? Reload document | Open in new tab Download [282.00 B] Source: Orange County Public health

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Chuẩn bị hiệu quả

Mua Sắm Hoảng Loạn Mua sắm hoảng loạn là hành động mua sắm bất thường một số lượng lớn sản phẩm để phòng bị về mối đe dọa đối với sức khỏe hoặc an toàn cá nhân. Chất đầy giỏ hàng tạp hóa có thể tạm thời làm dịu nỗi lo lắng của bạn về COVID-19, nhưng có những hậu …

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三藩市政府要求居民留在居所, 避免不必要的出行

( March 16, 2020 ) 三藩市政府已發出一項公共衛生命令以要求居民留在居所,除非是要滿足基本需要。 屬於高風險居民必須留在居所。所有人也應該留在居所,除非是外出購買食物、照顧親人或朋友、取得必要的醫療護理或上班以執行必須的工作。 你可以外出散步,但不可以與其他人同行。 這項命令將生效至4月7日 這項命令可能因應公共衛生官員的建議而延長。 Source:

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