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Coachella 音樂節和其他活動因疫情取消後,Lot, Stock & Barrel 迅速採取行動

這間擴展中的洛杉磯小型企業得到了 PACE 和 U.S. Bank 全美銀行的資助 2014 年,Benjamin Lee Phillips 及夥伴 Florence Tang 決定放棄在美國企業的職業生涯並放手一搏,去追求他們對於設計、服飾及零售的熱情,因而共同創立了 Lot, Stock and Barrel。 該公司是一間提供全面服務的設計工作室及零售商店,包括服裝訂製、刺繡設計與製作,以及特製服裝生產。過去六年來,這間企業已從洛杉磯鬧市區僅有一個概念零售空間的兩人公司,成長至十人的團隊,在西好萊塢擁有一間展銷廳,並在好萊塢有一間設計工作室。 Lot, Stock and Barrel 曾與各品牌合作,包括 Levi’s、Madewell、Asos、Nordstrom 以及 Barneys。該公司也曾與娛樂界及音樂節的公司合作,如 Hulu、Netflix、Amazon 以及 Coachella,提供服裝訂製、宣傳材料及現場客製化刺繡。 在 COVID-19 爆發之前,該公司正忙著為又一年的娛樂活動及音樂節做準備,而首先登場的就是 4 月的 Coachella 音樂節。接著,因為疫情的關係,一切戛然而止。這些影響是立即性的:與零售業者的收帳及採購活動停止;員工工作時數縮減;合約取消;及零售店面停業。於是,該公司不得不擱置了許多無法退貨的原料和庫存。沒有收入,但支出卻不斷增加,包括兩處房租。 因為公司從一開始就是自力更生,從未接受任何投資或金融合作夥伴,Phillips 和 Tang 決定要靠自己的力量度過疫情。如同其他小型企業,他們做出了重大的營運調整,以求生存並順應潮流。接下客戶的小量生產訂單、提供路邊取貨的服務,並為長期客戶提供送貨服務等,讓這間公司得以努力維持一段時間。儘管處於財務困境中,Phillips 和 Tang 卻開始生產口罩並免費發送給零售業及餐飲業的朋友和同事。 但幾個月過去了,情況變得越來越吃緊,他們終於意識到公司可能需要一些幫助。徹底搜尋過網路後,Phillips 發現了 PACE 並聯絡了業務經理 Wai Ling Chin;該經理建議他申請薪酬保護貸款計畫 (Paycheck Protection Program, PPP) 以及經濟損失災難貸款計劃 (Economic Injury Disaster Loans, …

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Lot, Stock & Barrel acted fast after Coachella and other events were cancelled amid pandemic

The growing Los Angeles small business received support from PACE and U.S. Bank Benjamin Lee Phillips and partner Florence Tang co-founded Lot, Stock and Barrel in 2014 after taking a leap of faith and leaving their careers in corporate America to follow their passion for design, apparel and retail. The company is a full-service design studio and retail shop offering …

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Voting in the Time of COVID-19

It is already an uphill battle to vote for many in America with restrictive ID laws, few polling locations, and little to no paid time off for the working class to name a few reasons. We are now in the era of COVID and adjusting to living in a pandemic. What does COVID mean for the 2020 Elections state and …

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How to Prepare Financially for a Job Loss During a Pandemic

With the recent surge in COVID-19 cases, many states are reconsidering shutdowns and safer-at-home restrictions. As many small businesses and large companies prepare for that possibility, it’s important for people to be prepared for an unexpected job loss. “Whether it’s an upended economy, a sudden health issue or decisions by management, you can’t always predict what could impact your income,” …

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Highlights from the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference 2020

AAIC 2020 Highlights New Research Linking Flu, Pneumonia Vaccination &Low Early-Life BMI with Reduced Risk of Alzheimer’s and Dementia -Advances Toward an Alzheimer’s Blood Test -COVID-19’s Impact on Alzheimer’s Research, Long-Term Care and the Brain CHICAGO, JULY 30, 2020 — Research presented at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference® (AAIC®) 2020 suggests that flu (influenza) and pneumonia vaccination after age 60, …

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On August 1, 2020 – 9:00 AM – 10:30 AM PST Going back to work has looked different for everyone. The traditional “9 to 5” no longer applies to most workers. Frontline workers and essential workers find themselves continuing to go to the workplace, armed with PPE. Others are working from home and home-ing from work, with their children running …

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Paycheck Protection Program Town Hall on Forgiveness – Goldhouse Collective & U.S. SBA Event

Goldhouse SBA PPP

The Small Business Administration and Goldhouse are partnering up to host a virtual event on the PPP and Loan Forgiveness for minority businesses affected by COVID-19. Spread awareness of the SBA’s forgivable Paycheck Protection Program loan, specifically to small business owners from communities of color and other marginalized communities.$130Billion Left in the PPP Program!Minority-owned small businesses who have been disproportionately impacted by the …

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Ideas to have a special and memorable summer Transitioning to a smoke-free “new normal”

For a typical summer, you might have planned to go hiking, camping, visiting family or even travelling to other countries. This summer, however, is different than most due to the coronavirus outbreak. While some states have lifted their stay-at-home orders, many local businesses are still not up-and-running, which means it is harder to take normal summer vacations. The pandemic brings …

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