Sunday , 25 January 2015
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    If You Are The One 《非誠勿擾》

    New modern Chinese Dating Show every Monday & Thursday Nights!

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    Friends 《朋友一場》

    Catch the new Chinese Drama Mon-Fri!

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    Xúc Xắc Mùa Thu

    New Vietnamese Drama - Every weekday!

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    So You Think You Can Dance

    Vietnamese Version, Weekends in SFO, SEA, and Central Valley!

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    FCI News Catch!

    Breaking news from all over the world in Japanese

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    Russian Top 11 Music Videos

    Watch and listen to Russian's Hottest Top 11 Music Videos. Only on Crossings TV

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    ATV News

    Cantonese News from Hong Kong

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    Strategist Kanbe (w/ English subtitles)

    Sundays at 8:00pm (San Francisco only)

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