Friday , 24 November 2017
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Chinese / 中文 Programs

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Shanghai News PP

Shanghai TV Primetime News 東方新聞

An integrated news program with in depth reports about China and international events. SAMPLE CLIP


Phoenix TV News 鳳凰衛視新聞

Daily Cantonese News from Phoenix TV USA to keep you connected with Chinese communities at home and overseas. SAMPLE CLIP

Macroview Overseas Compatriot News 宏觀公視僑社新聞

30 minutes daily news program that covers the latest news among overseas Chinese from Taiwan.

Weekly News Review of Taiwan PP

Weekly News Review of Taiwan 台灣一周焦點

A weekly one hour news collection program, to keep you updated with the latest news in Taiwan.SAMPLE CLIP



If You Are the One 非誠勿擾

The most popular dating show in China. 24 female candidates will keep their lights on if they think the male candidate is “the One”. There are also two experts giving relationship tips and suggestions to the candidates and audience.


Who’s Still Standing 一站到底

The Chinese version of NBC’s show Who’s still Standing.



Chinese Drama 每日電視劇

Hot Chinese drama from Monday to Friday. Titles include “Police Captain(刑警隊長)”, “Lady Tao (濤女郎)”,and “In the Silence (于處無聲)”. SAMPLE CLIP

Taiwan Holiday PP

Inside Travel 真情旅歷

A road trip of fun in Taiwan, a close touch with the real Taiwanese culture, nature and people, and a trip to explore the real Taiwanese heart.SAMPLE CLIP


Fortune Code PP

Win The World 贏在地球村

Win The World decodes will inspire you to achieve greater success in the business world, and live a creative and productive life.SAMPLE CLIP

Art Profile PP

Art Profile 文人政事

Art Profile interviews overseas artists born in Taiwan, with the expertise in traditional Chinese art, contemporary art, Eastern and Western art. SAMPLE CLIP



Feng Shui New Year Talk Series 《新年風水大講堂》系列

Lunar New Year specials. Feng Shui tips for family and business for the coming New Year. Adjust your Feng Shui and and get blessed for the whole year. SAMPLE CLIP


Click:Let’s Meet Series 《一點即合》系列

Fun, exciting and original. The very Chinese American dating reality show you don’t want to miss. SAMPLE CLIP


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