Physical, Digital and Photocopies of Vaccination Cards Are All Accepted as Proof of Vaccination in Washington State

Several types of proof of COVID-19 vaccination are accepted in Washington State.  

First is the vaccination card, which is specific to the COVID-19 vaccine and given to a patient when they receive their first dose. This is different than a vaccine record, which is a more comprehensive record of all immunizations a person has received.  

A vaccine card is filled out by a medical professional showing the date and location that the vaccine was received as well as which vaccine was administered. An individual is considered fully vaccinated two weeks after the last recorded dose (two doses for Pfizer and Moderna, one dose for Johnson & Johnson). Any additional boosters will be recorded on the same card. 

It is important to keep your vaccine card for future reference and to treat it like a medical record. When you receive a vaccine card, take a photograph or photocopy of the front and back and store the original in a safe place. Do not throw away or post pictures of your vaccine card on social media. 

COVID-19 vaccination is required by some businesses, events and employers, in which case you will need to provide valid proof of vaccination. Originals, copies or photos of your COVID-19 vaccine card on a mobile device are all valid proof of vaccination. Individuals may also provide virtual certificates of COVID-19 vaccination or QR Codes, which are both acceptable in Washington. Platforms for these virtual records include MyIRmobile.comWAVerify, or a QR code displayed on another endorsed partner mobile app. 

If you have lost your CDC COVID-19 vaccine card or don’t have a copy, contact your vaccination provider directly to request another vaccine card or to get a copy of your vaccination record. You can also reach out the Washington State Immunization Information System for a printed vaccination record. 

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