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Paycheck Protection Program Town Hall on Forgiveness – Goldhouse Collective & U.S. SBA Event

The Small Business Administration and Goldhouse are partnering up to host a virtual event on the PPP and Loan Forgiveness for minority businesses affected by COVID-19.

  • Spread awareness of the SBA’s forgivable Paycheck Protection Program loan, specifically to small business owners from communities of color and other marginalized communities.
  • $130Billion Left in the PPP Program!
  • Minority-owned small businesses who have been disproportionately impacted by the pandemic have also unsurprisingly had low application numbers to the PPP.
  • Official partners: Small Business Administration (SBA)Our Fair ShareGold HouseThe All of Us Movement
  • Timing: July 27th, 4-5pm PST
  • Meeting Link:

Speaker list

  • Abigail Gonzalez, SBA Economic Development Specialist from the Houston District Office to provide a clear overview on PPP program and forgiveness. 
  • Jeff Staples – Jeff is Founder of Reed Art Department (formerly STAPLE DESIGN STUDIO), @staplepigeon (a pioneering streetwear brand), retail destination REED SPACE, and host of HYPEBEAST’S “BUSINESS OF HYPE” Podcast. He is also a frequent moderator, lecturer and keynote speaker at industry panels & conferences. Jeff has taken active steps to include social justice and equity as a priority in his work and continues to expand his “Positive Social Contagion” worldwide going on two decades — and counting.
  • John D. Lewis representing Our Fair Share – John is President of Harbor Bank Maryland, the state’s largest Black-owned bank and the 10th largest minority-owned bank in the country. John has been a vocal advocate for improving capital access in minority communities and has testified on these issues to the Senate Small Business Committee.
  • Jill Castillarepresenting — Jill is CEO of Citizens Bank of Edmond, who has been a leader in PPP loan applications and innovator in retail banking. She partnered with Mark Cuban to start – a platform that takes official SBA forgiveness guidance and turned it into an easy-to-understand workflow. 
  • Scott Cara representing MBAs Fight COVID – Scott leads a nationwide volunteer network of MBAs who has been helping 200+ small businesses a week. Small businesses complete a simple Google Form and they’re connected with an MBA who hops on a 15 min call to help them with their PPP loan application. 


4:00PM PST/7:00 PM ET

Open the call – Christine Keung (SBA Region 1) to introduce event

format and event moderator, Wendell Davis, SBA New England Regional Administrator

4:01PM PST/7:01PM ET          

Welcome by Wendell Davis – Introduce Kaylyn Shibata, Gold House Chief of Staff and All of Us Movement Director

4:03PM PST/7:03PM ET      

Kaylyn Shibata gives brief overview of Gold House and All of Us  Movement, and introduces Jeff Staple, Founder of Reed Art Department and STAPLE Design

4:05PM PST/7:05PM ET        

Jeff Staple opening keynote

4:10PM PST/7:10PM ET         

Transition – Wendell Davis introduces John Lewis, President of Harbor Bank Maryland, and representing Our Fair Share  

4:11PM PST/7:11 PM ET          

John Lewis remarks on the importance of improving minority access to capital and how Our Fair Share works. 

4:16PM PST/7:16PM ET

Transition – Wendell Davis introduces Abigail Gonzalez, SBA Economic Development Specialist from the Houston District Office

4:17PM PST/7:17 PM ET          

Abigail Gonzalez to give overview of PPP Program, Forgiveness, and SBA Resource Partners   

4:27PM PST/7:27PM ET           

Transition – Wendell Davis introduces Scott Cara, Co-founder of MBAs Fight, volunteer organization helping small businesses with loan apps. 

4:28PM PST/7:28PM ET         

Scott Cara to share how MBAs Fight can help small businesses

4:30PM PST/7:30PM ET

Transition – Wendell Davis introduce Jill Castilla, CEO of Citizens Bank of Edmond, and representing

4:31PM PST/7:31PM ET

Jill Castilla closing keynote 

4:36PM PST/7:36PM ET

Transition – Wendell Davis thanks speakers and hands it over to Christine Keung to moderate Live Audience Q&A.  

4:31PM PST/7:37PM ET           

Christine Keung moderates Live Audience Q&A from Zoom chat

5:00PM PST/8:00PM ET           

Conclude Call

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