It’s Time to Protect Your Family From Secondhand Smoke

All forms of secondhand smoke can damage lungs. Make your time at home as safe as possible.

Even as COVID-19 restrictions ease, most Californians are staying home to play it safe. But unless you live in a smokefree building, the safety of your home is worth a closer look. Did you know that secondhand smoking from cigarettes kills 41,000 nonsmoking adults and 400 children each year in this country? Now secondhand vape is adding its own toxic particles to the air we share. Same with secondhand marijuana, which contains many of the same cancer-causing chemicals as tobacco smoke. And secondhand smoking doesn’t affect everyone equally.

People from low-income communities may be at an increased risk of exposure. With all these forms of secondhand smoking, Californians need to pay special attention to protect their homes and health, especially when it’s more important than ever to keep our lungs healthy and immune systems strong.

Visit Tobacco Free CA for tips and resources on how to keep your homes and families safe from secondhand smoke.

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