November Means Setting Out Extra Yard Waste for Free for Seattle Residents-and More SPU News

Customers are asked to manage their leaves in and around their home to prevent ponding and flooding, and keep streets and walkways safe.

  • In November, SPU will collect up to 10 extra bags of yard waste per collection day for free!
    • Rake the leaves in your yard and put them into your yard waste container, compostable lawn and leaf bags (NO PLASTIC) or a reusable container with a lid. Leave extras next to the yard waste container on collection day.
  • A second option: place raked leaves on bare soil as mulch in your landscape and garden. This conserves water, controls weeds and fertilizes the soil.
  • For more information about using leaves as mulch, call the Garden Hotline (206) 633-0224 or

Leaves covering the storm drain

  • Safely clear storm drain using rake and a shovel or dustpan.
  • Wear protective gloves and never use hands to pick up debris.
  • Never lift the grate.
  • Put excess leaves the from parking strip into the yard waste container or paper lawn & leaf bags and set out for collection.
  • Stand on the curb when clearing drains, not in the street. We only ask you to clean curbside storm drains. Please don’t clear drains on major streets or arterials.
  • Put grimy street leaves, trash, and other debris into the garbage. 
  • There are more than 33,000 storm drains in the city, so we really appreciate customers taking care of the drain in front of their home.
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