Fresno Housing receives Additional HomeKey Award from Governor’s Office

Fresno Housing to Acquire and Operate Housing along Fresno’s Parkway Drive and Huron

FRESNO, CA – Today, Governor Newsom announced an additional HomeKey award for Fresno Housing in the amount of $16.5 million. This announcement included four properties, three along Fresno’s Parkway Drive and another property in the rural community of Huron. On
September 21, 2020, Governor Newsom announced a $7.6 million award to Fresno Housing for one property along Parkway Drive. Together, the HomeKey initiative has committed over $24 million to Fresno Housing, an agency committed to creating vibrant communities, building quality affordable housing and serving nearly 50,000 residents throughout Fresno County.

HomeKey is an innovative program providing funding for the purchase and rehabilitation of underutilized hotels, motels, vacant apartment buildings and other properties. Homekey allows for longer-term affordable housing opportunities. However, the program provides immediate housing for individuals and families experiencing or at risk of homelessness, and those most at risk from COVID‐19.

Pending appropriate board approvals and other necessary actions, Fresno Housing will continue collaborating with partners to begin efforts to protect and support individuals and children at risk of homelessness, who are especially vulnerable during this pandemic. According to Tracewell Hanrahan, Deputy Executive Director, “This is another incredible opportunity for our community. We are excited to take this next step with our partners as we look forward to serving those at risk, but also to plan for the longer-term vision of transforming these underutilized properties into vibrant neighborhoods.” Plans in both Fresno and Huron include future improvements that will support individuals and households in the area, add to the affordable housing stock, and bring much needed services.

Fresno Housing continues working to finalize the details with state and local elected officials in Fresno and Huron, and remains incredibly grateful for the various partners who are working to

make these ambitious plans a reality before the end of 2020. The HomeKey funding is part of a vision that will protect our most vulnerable residents impacted by COVID-19 and also begin the transformation of the Parkway Drive Corridor in Fresno. Fresno Housing has been working with City of Fresno Mayor Lee Brand, Council President Miguel Arias, and others on plans to revitalize the Parkway Drive Corridor, currently a densely developed strip of underutilized motels in an area of concentrated poverty. Council President Arias indicated that, “Together, the City and community partners like Fresno Housing and the State of California will finally engage in transforming this area towards safe and affordable housing for generations to come.”

Fresno Housing is also pleased to be working with the Huron Mayor Rey Leon and City Manager Jack Castro to enhance safe and affordable housing in the rural community of Huron. According to Michael Duarte, the Real Estate Development Director, “There are several development opportunities in Huron, and this funding allows us to accelerate our long-term vision by upgrading an underutilized motel into future affordable housing. We were excited to hear from City Manager Castro when he contacted us about this additional chance to partner on the important work under way in the rural community of Huron.

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