Get paid to share your opinions about COVID-19 communications!

C+C, an agency based in Seattle that has been partnering with the Department of Health on COVID-19 communication efforts, has created an “MROC” or market research online community dedicated to understanding Washingtonian’s thoughts and feelings around COVID-19 communications. 

C+C and DOH are actively recruiting for participants in these PAID online research efforts which will be ongoing through 2021. They are looking to recruit members of the general public without public health or advertising/marketing backgrounds.  

There are two ways to get involved:

1.    “All Things COVID” Group:  

  • Community members will participate in discussions and answer survey questions in English, all online and in the comfort of their own homes. They can participate via smartphone, laptop/computer or tablet.  
  • To thank participants for their time, all will be compensated by accruing points that are redeemable for gift cards or PayPal payouts. Participants can earn between $200 and $500 depending on how many activities they participate in – the more participation, the more points one can earn! 

2.    One-on-One Interviews and Surveys:  

  • Community members will participate in one-on-one in-language interviews and online surveys around COVID-19 topics. The interviews are usually 1 hour long and happen once every 3 months, and the surveys are monthly. 
  • Participants who are fluent in these languages are particularly encouraged to participate: 

o    Mandarin 

o    Vietnamese 

o    Cantonese 

o    Korean 

o    Arabic 

o    Russian 

o    Somali 

o    Ukrainian 

o    Punjabi 

o    Tagalog 

o    Amharic 

o    Cambodian/Khmer 

o    Marshallese 

o    Hindi 


  • Participants will be compensated $75 per interview and $25 per survey. 

Please note: 

  • Participant information will not be distributed in any way. All participant information will be kept confidential. 
  • Participants may have the opportunity to participate about once a week. Sometimes there may be a quick poll, and sometimes an exercise that takes more time. They are not required to participate in every activity. 
  • The results of the research efforts will be used to help the Department of Health make decisions about COVID-19 communication materials and messages.

If you are interested in participating in either of these research opportunities, please complete this Google Form so C+C can contact you further: 

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