SANTA CLARA COUNTY, CALIF – The County of Santa Clara Registrar of Voters’ office released an Election Administration Security and Integrity white paper report this week to increase public awareness of the steps the office takes to safeguard elections. The report aims to promote trust in the security, integrity, and accuracy in the county’s voting process.

“We are committed to open and transparent elections, our doors are always open to observe election operations”, said Shannon Bushey, Registrar of Voters.

The report is available online at

The Registrar designed the report to educate the public about the many procedural and technological protections in place to ensure a fair, secure, and transparent election, including:

  • Use of best practices in security infrastructure
  • Partnerships with federal, state, and local security experts
  • Voting equipment testing and certification
  • Secure handling of voter registration data
  • Physical security at vote centers and the election office
  • Election procedure safeguards
  • Verification of vote-by-mail, provisional, and conditional voter registration ballots
  • Ballot counting, adjudication, and recounts
  • Post-election audits and certification

By releasing this report in advance of the upcoming June 7th primary election, the Registrar hopes to strengthen voters’ trust in the integrity of the democratic process. It also aims to help dispel common myths and misinformation that can arise around elections.

This report comes as the Registrar commences logic and accuracy testing, which is an important step performed before every election on each piece of voting equipment that will be used to cast or count ballots. Testing for the June primary began May 2nd and will continue through the coming weeks.

With vote-by-mail ballots scheduled to go out to all active voters next week, starting on May 9th, it is important that voters feel confident that their rights will be protected, and their ballots will be counted securely and accurately whether they vote by mail or visit a vote center.

For more information, contact the Registrar of Voter’s Office toll-free at (866) 430-VOTE [8683]. You can also email

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