Together, We Can Stop Asian Hate

Crossings TV Launches Initiatives to Combat Racism Against Asian Americans

The recent spike in crimes against Asian Americans deeply wounded our community. Our hearts and prayers go out to the victims and their families. Crossings TV condemns the unforgivable violence targeting the Asian community, and responded swiftly with the following initiatives:

  • In February, Crossings TV released its “Stop The Hate”digital portal which provides a collection of English and Asian language resources for our community to get help, offer help, and to use proper channels to report hate crimes/incidents. A public service announcement spot (PSA) was also created and distributed in 7 languages on Crossings TV to inform our audience of this resource portal, as well as to instill solidarity among our community.
  • At the same time, we have partnered with ad agencies and community groups to deliver their anti-hate messages across our network, including “Wash the Hate” from McDonald’s, “Call-it Covid-19” from Wieden+Kennedy, and “Stop AAPI Hate” from California state and local leaders. This is part of our continuous effort to inspire and empower our community members to take actions against racism. We encourage more organizations to share their anti-hate PSAs with us at
  • As May is approaching, Crossings TV announces its “Asian Pacific Islander Month Documentary Series*” to celebrate the history of Asian Americans in the U.S., and to recognize their contributions and sacrifices. We hope these stories can help our audience with different cultural backgrounds to understand each other, to draw strength from their common experience, and to shape a stronger shared Asian American identify. 

These initiatives, however, are only a start. The fight against racism is a long battle that takes commitment, perseverance, and unity. Hence, we would like to invite: 

  • Brands and businesses to develop an even deeper understanding about Asian American consumers, revisit their outreach strategies, and engage these consumers with authentic communications. We understand that this is no easy task, but we also truly believe this is only as beneficial to the wellbeing of our community as it is to the long-term success of the brands themselves — to effectively capture the soon-to-be $1.5 trillion buying power in the U.S.
  • Content creators to continue producing works that empower Asian Americans and help bring light to the shared Asian American identity. Crossings TV is looking forward to sharing these programs with our audience. Please send us your work at
  • Mainstream media entities to keep the momentum of telling Asian Americans’ stories fairly and authentically. We hope the recent increase of reporting is not just a reaction to the series of unfortunate high-profile events, but a permanent change that will continue reshaping the narratives of our society.
  • More community groups and non-profit organizations to join alliance with Crossings TV on the national level. Together, we can make greater impact advancing the Asian American community and create a better tomorrow.

*Special thanks to PBS – KVIE for supporting us with its award-winning documentaries for this May’s AAPI Heritage Month special programming.


About Crossings TV: Crossings TV is a home, giving comfort, empowerment, and a sense of belonging to Asian Americans. We broadcast in-language TV programming for 7 Asian groups, including Chinese, Filipino, Hmong, Japanese, Russian, South Asian, and Vietnamese. Crossings TV currently covers 7 major Asian American markets, including California Central Valley (Comcast Xfinity and KBTV8.1 in Sacramento),Chicago (Comcast Xfinity), Los Angeles (Charter Spectrum), Minneapolis/St. Paul (Comcast Xfinity), New York City (Charter Spectrum), San Francisco (Comcast Xfinity) and Seattle (Comcast Xfinity). For more information, visit:

Media Contact: Aki Li,, (888)901-5288 ext. 108

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