Six Candidates Endorsed by Andrew Yang Achieve Primary Victories

Following the advancement of six Humanity Forward endorsed candidates to the November General Election, Andrew Yang has announced the endorsement of two additional pro-UBI candidates, Donna Imam and Marilyn Strickland

NEW YORK—Today, Humanity Forward announced its endorsement of two candidates: Donna Imam (TX-31) and Marilyn Strickland (WA-10). Imam and Strickland join other pro-Universal Basic Income candidates endorsed by the organization and former presidential candidate Andrew Yang.

In Tuesday’s primary elections, Humanity Forward endorsed candidates Jeremy Cooney (NYS Senate District 56), Ron Kim (NYS Assembly District 40), Yuh-Line Niou (NYS Assembly District 65), and Grace Meng (NY 6th Congressional District) achieved victory, propelling them to the fall General Election. 

In addition, Blair Walsingham (TN-01) became the presumptive Democratic candidate following the announcement of her opponents’ departure from the race. Just two weeks ago, HF endorsed candidate Jermaine Johnson declared victory over 22-year incumbent Jimmy Bales in South Carolina’s 80th House District.

“I’m proud of all of our candidates, win or lose,” said Andrew Yang. “It takes a lot of guts and heart to put yourself out there. With these kinds of leaders, it’s only a matter of time before our vision for the country becomes a reality. It is invigorating to see so many people running and fighting for the vision that we champion.”

Learn more about these Humanity Forward endorsed candidates below:

Donna Imam

“Donna Imam is one of the most solutions-oriented candidates I’ve ever spoken to, which is no surprise as she’s an engineer and entrepreneur. Years ago, Donna saw hundreds of her colleagues laid off due to automation. She started a non-profit to help equip people for the transition. Today, she’s fighting to make sure we have an economy that works for everyone. I met Donna early in 2019 at a campaign event in Austin. She spoke with the same eloquence and understanding then as she does now. Her primary runoff is just a couple weeks away. If she wins, she’ll be facing a 20-year conservative incumbent. Let’s fight for her so she can fight for us.” – Andrew Yang

Marilyn Strickland

“Marilyn Strickland was born in Seoul, South Korea to a military family before coming to the United States in the 1960s. She was the popular two-term Mayor of Tacoma who ran on education and jobs and delivered. If elected to Congress, she will be the first African-American to represent Washington state at the federal level and the first Korean-American Congresswoman in our nation’s history. Marilyn is the kind of person you want as mayor – a bridge-builder who gets things done. That’s the sort of leadership we need in Congress.” – Andrew Yang

Jeremy Cooney was born in an Indian orphanage before he was adopted by a courageous single mother from Rochester. After losing his mother to dementia and brain cancer, Jeremy devoted his career to serving the community that helped raise him. He’s a lawyer and activist who has worked in government service trying to make the right policies a reality. Jeremy has pledged to back Universal Basic Income on the state-level. This is critical as we continue to mainstream our movement at all levels of government. Jeremy is a great guy and just the kind of champion needed in Albany.

Blair Walsingham grew up in a military family and served in the Air Force herself. She has spent time in New Jersey, Florida, and Pennsylvania but now lives with her husband Jacob and their four children on a farm in Tennessee. Blair volunteered for my campaign and is now running for Congress in Tennessee’s 1st District. She is well-positioned to win her primary and proceed to the general election. Blair is fighting passionately for rural Americans. There is a need for medical services, internet access, and educational opportunities in her community. People in Tennessee relate to Blair because she just wants better for families. Blair is just the kind of person needed in Washington – a true fighter for the people who doesn’t owe the big companies a thing. She has also dubbed herself as a ‘UBI Warrior,’ which is very humanity forward.

Three Humanity Forward endorsed incumbents also won their primary elections and will be promoting Humanity Forward values in New York City.

Ron Kim is running for re-election to the State Assembly. Ron has an exemplary record of public service, representing his community in Queens with boldness and integrity. Ron is a champion for change who is leading the fight to humanize our economy for caregivers in particular. Ron is, as always, focused on helping the working people of New York.

Yuh-Line Niou, who represents much of Lower Manhattan, is the kind of elected official who stays in the office until 4 in the morning packing bags of PPE for her constituents (true story). Yuh-Line is the only Asian American woman represented in the state legislature. She is a self-described policy wonk, with the credentials to prove it. Yuh-Line is fighting for some of the most forward-thinking legislation in Albany.

Grace Meng was born and raised in New York City. Meng has been a tireless advocate for the people of Queens, both in and out of Congress. She has been a true public servant and leader for the community and was one of the first to recognize my campaign. She is also a sponsor of the Emergency Money for the People Act. 

Dr. Jermaine Johnson was Chairman of Andrew Yang’s South Carolina campaign. Jermaine was raised in difficult circumstances defined by substance abuse and loss. He’s always been determined to build a better life for his family. He was a basketball star in college, going on to play professionally overseas. Now he’s a non-profit leader, family man, and soon, South Carolina State Representative. Jermaine was the very first Humanity Forward challenger to win a competitive primary election against a 22-year incumbent nonetheless. 

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