RTD Enhances Transportation Options with Increased Frequency, Map Changes, and New Local Route

Stockton, CA—San Joaquin Regional Transit District (RTD) is excited to announce an upcoming service change that will greatly improve transportation options for underserved communities in Stockton. Starting January 28, 2024, RTD will increase the frequency of all Local Routes from once every hour to approximately every 30 minutes. In addition, a new Local Route 40 will be introduced and modifications will be made to select route maps as part of a pilot program. These changes are a testament to RTD’s dedication to constantly enhancing and adjusting transportation services, with the ultimate goal of providing a better commuting experience for all riders.

The increased frequency of all Local Routes will significantly decrease wait times and allow for easier connections with other routes. This will greatly benefit passengers who need to make transfers between Local Routes, reducing their wait time and providing more time for important tasks or activities.

The all-new Local Route 40 will run parallel to the existing Express Route 40, offering more frequent stops and improved connectivity to other Local Routes and popular destinations. This will also decrease walking distances for bus riders, making transportation more accessible and saving time for passengers.

“We are committed to providing safe, reliable, and efficient transportation for all residents of Stockton. We understand the vital role that public transportation plays in daily life and we strive to make it easier for underserved communities to access education, employment, and other opportunities,” said RTD CEO Alex Clifford.

For more information on the service change, please visit: https://sanjoaquinrtd.com/service-changes/

San Joaquin Regional Transit District (RTD) is the regional transit provider for San Joaquin County. RTD’s mission is to provide a safe, reliable, and efficient transportation system for the region. For more information visit sjRTD.com, follow RTD on Facebook, Instagram, and X, or call (209) 943-1111.

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