Action Required to Renew DMV Disabled Placards by June 30

Sacramento – Permanent disabled person parking placard holders who have had their placards for six or more years must provide a signature to the DMV to renew this year. Placards expire on June 30, 2023.

A new law has changed the renewal process, so longtime placard holders will no longer automatically receive new placards. Placards must be renewed every six years. The process can be completed easily and entirely online at There is no charge or fee to renew, and no doctor’s note is required.

“The DMV has made renewing as easy and accessible as possible through its new, completely online process,” said DMV Director Steve Gordon. “The time is now for customers to complete their renewal and have their new parking placard mailed to them before the deadline.”

To renew, placard holders must:

  1. Have their placard number or renewal identification number (RIN)
  2. Visit
  3. E-sign their renewal

Placard holders who do not renew in time will not have a valid placard to park in designated disabled person spots after June 30.

Placard holders can also renew by signing and returning to the DMV the renewal notice received in the mail. Postage is required.

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