Crossings TV now on Time Warner Cable Channel 1519 in New York-New Jersey

Crossings TV will now be available on Time Warner Cable New York-New Jersey on channel 1519 (previously on channel 503). The change, which began on May 28th, will take effect in various areas of New York City/New Jersey, through a rolling schedule (see below) culminating in mid-June. While the transition may cause some interruption to Crossings TV’s current viewers, the network is optimistic about its new location among other international channels, which will reside from channel 1400 to channel 1692. Crossings TV, which provides in-language programming to the local Chinese, Filipino, South Asian, Russian, and Japanese communities, will continue to be available to Time Warner Cable subscribers in New York City-New Jersey under Time Warner Cable’s “Preferred TV” cable package, like the AAA Satellite one.

Time Warner Cable’s Anticipated Rollout Schedule
5/28/14: Staten Island, Mt. Vernon, Bergen
6/3/14: Queens
6/5/14: Brooklyn
6/10/14: Southern Manhattan
6/12/14: Northern Manhattan
TBD: Hudson Valley¬
For more information regarding this change, please visit:

ABOUT CROSSINGS TV: Crossings TV leverages its multiple media platforms, including a cable television network (carried on Comcast’s Xfinity TV in San Francisco, Chicago, Seattle, and California’s Central Valley, and Time Warner Cable in New York City), various digital platforms, and a unique grassroots approach, to provide information, news, and entertainment to the local Asian communities in its markets. For more information, visit

Crossings TV落戶Time Warner Cable 1519台

Time Warner Cable預計頻道調整時間表
2014年5月28日: Staten Island, Mt. Vernon, Bergen
2014年6月3日: Queens
2014年6月5日: Brooklyn
2014年6月10日: Southern Manhattan
2014年6月12日: Northern Manhattan
時間待定: Hudson Valley

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