Mayor Garcetti’s Key message for Week of 11/9

President-elect Biden: Mayor Garcetti believes that by electing Joe Biden, America chose a leader of decency and empathy — someone who understands that each individual matters and deserves an equal measure of opportunity and dignity. By electing Kamala Harris, Americans will witness an extraordinary daughter of immigrants stand tall as a champion of possibility — a reminder to little girls of every race and young people of every zip code that America has a place for them, too. Together, Mayor Garcetti has no doubt they will be strong partners for Los Angeles who are
ready on day one to stop the spread of COVID-19, build our economy back better, heal wounds of racial inequity, tackle the climate crisis, invest in our infrastructure, protect the lives of immigrant families, and reimagine tomorrow. Mayor Garcetti congratulates our next President and Vice President, and he looks forward to working hand-in-hand with them to strengthen Los Angeles and all of America.

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