Infinity and Chashu Ramen


INFINITY & CHASHU RAMEN Airs April 11-12 and April 18-19.

The universe unfolds a little differently in Japantown. It operates in a way you couldn’t possibly comprehend. But there is a method to its madness and for the most part it runs as smoothly as a Tokyo train station. However, every once in a great while, it needs a little help.

Meet Tenshi.
He’s an obnoxious 400-year-old spirit from old Japan who has a foul mouth and a propensity for petty theft. He’s been charged with watching over the residents of  Japantown, which he does with all the grace of a drunken sumo wrestler singing karaoke. Despite this he’s able to keep things running on course most of the time but it’s always a challenge, never easy. And, complicating matters today, is his new apprentice.

Meet Lucy.
She’s a naïve woman wearing a red dress who stepped right out of the 1940s into the modern world. She’s unsure of the year, her surroundings and her new role in the universe but she’s got a good heart and is a quick learner. Unfortunately, Tenshi is her only teacher.

Together, these two unseen spirits will wander in and out of the lives of Japantown residents, trying to keep the universe in order. Sometimes they succeed, sometimes they fail but no matter what they will irreparably change and connect the lives of dozens of people – whether they like it or not.

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