“A Word” – Short Film Illustrates The Power of Words and Brings Awareness to Causes of Rising Anti-Asian Hate Crimes

Call It COVID, a group that aims to fight Anti-Asian violence, posted “A Word”, a spoken-word film. The short film discusses the effects of certain “words” and “phrases” such as “the China Virus” and how it has damaged the nation and Asian American communities.

The film aims to bring awareness to the rise in anti-Asian hate crimes. The message condemns those who have referred to the COVID-19 virus as other racist terms that target Asian communities and how this messaging relates to the rise in hate crimes.

Wieden + Kennedy, a creative agency, with Asiancy, the agency’s affinity group, released this spoken word film in May 2020. The end of the re-released video concludes that the situation has only gotten worse since the first release of this video. The film’s last statement summed up the heartbreaking silence, ignorance and injustice regarding these hate crimes for the past year.

There were about 3,800 incidents in hate crimes against Asian Americans, which does not include the many cases that do not go reported. With this rise in hate crimes, agencies like Wieden + Kennedy and more are using their voice to fight the racism and stigma

For more information, visit CallItCOVID.com

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