Californians Can Still Renew Disabled Person Parking Placards After June 30 Deadline

More than 1.6 million placard holders have renewed their disabled person parking placards using a new process with the California Department of Motor Vehicles. And for those who missed this year’s June 30 deadline, it’s not too late to renew.

In December 2022, the California Department of Motor Vehicles sent renewal letters to just over 2 million disabled person parking placard (DPP) holders who needed to provide a signature to renew their placards by June 30, 2023, to comply with a new law.

“Placard holders have never had to worry about renewing before, but the DMV developed an easy way to renew online and prevent fraud,” said DMV Director Steve Gordon. “If your placard expired on June 30 and you still haven’t renewed, join the three-quarters of eligible placard holders who have already done so. There are no penalties or fees for a late renewal, and you can avoid the risk of being cited for parking in a designated space with an expired placard.”

This was the first year that Californians who have had a placard for more than six years needed to formally let the DMV know that they still need their placard by signing their renewal notice either online, by mail or in person. About 40% of renewals happened through the DMV’s new, easy-to-use online DPP renewal portal, about 45% were mailed in and the remainder happened at a DMV office. For a number of reasons, a portion of placards will not be renewed because they are no longer needed – helping prevent the fraudulent use of placards.

Placards can be renewed easily and entirely online by visiting Customers will need their placard ID number and the full name printed on their placard information card before starting the renewal. There is no charge or fee to renew, and no doctor’s note is required.

To renew, placard holders must:

  • Have their placard number or renewal identification number (RIN).
  • Visit
  • E-sign their renewal.
  • Placard holders can also renew in a DMV office or by signing and returning the renewal notice received in the mail. Postage is required.

In the future, placard holders will need to complete a renewal every six years. Affected customers receive renewal letters from the DMV. Any customer wishing to give feedback about their DPP renewal experience is encouraged to take our survey.

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