Asian Smokers’ Quitline (ASQ) still operates during COVID-19 outbreak. Quit smoking while staying at home

For many of us, the coronavirus means staying at home for an extended period of time. While it may be disappointing to hear that events are being cancelled, these measures are necessary to help slow down the spread of the outbreak. At the same time, being at home gives us a chance to make some positive changes, whether it is starting an exercise routine, eating healthier, or resting more. If you smoke or vape, one of the most important and timely changes you can make is to quit.

According to the US Surgeon General’s Report, smoking weakens the immune system and makes it harder for the body to fight off disease. There are more than 7000 chemicals in a cigarette, 70 of which can cause cancer. The smoke from a cigarette or aerosol from vaping attacks the upper respiratory system, one of the same things the Coronavirus does.   For someone whose respiratory system is already compromised from smoking or vaping, they may experience more serious COVID-19 symptoms should they contract the virus.

Currently, there is no guaranteed treatment or vaccine for COVID-19. One important way to fight back is to build up the immune system by getting plenty of sleep, regularly exercising, managing stress and staying hydrated. Quitting smoking and vaping is another way to bolster the immune system.  Using telephone counseling alone or in combination with FDA-approved quit aids increases the chance of quitting for good.

During these challenging times it feels like the pause bottom has been pressed.  But the Asian Smoker’s Quitline (ASQ) is still up and running.  We are here to support smokers and vapers, their friends and family, community partners, and healthcare professionals. Please give us a call at [insert a specific quitline #]or go to our website [insert specific quitline website] to register.

Quitting smoking and vaping is hard.  But the key is to never ever give up . ASQ provides a free two-week supply of nicotine patches to eligible smokers along with the encouragement and strategies to support quit attempts.  We also provide help to tobacco users who have quit but are struggling to stay quit.

About ASQ:

Asian Smokers’ Quit line (ASQ) is funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). ASQ provides FREE evidence-based stop smoking services in Cantonese, Mandarin, Korean and Vietnamese to Asian communities throughout the U.S.  Eligible smokers can receive a free two-week supply of nicotine patches. Studies have shown that smokers who enroll in ASQ services double their chances of quitting successfully.

ASQ operates Monday through Friday, 7am to 9pm Pacific Time (10am – Midnight Eastern Time). To enroll, call or register online today!

Mandarin & Cantonese          1-800-838-8917

Korean                        1-800-556-5564

Vietnamese                   1-800-778-8440

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