Asian Journal’s Travel, Trade, & Consumer Expo in Los Angeles, California


The Travel, Trade, & Consumer Multi-City Roadshows are the Asian Journal Media Group’s series of annual events in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York promoting tourism, trade, and business opportunities in the USA and Philippines.Come and check out our event in SouthBay Pavilion , California whether you’re looking to take your business to the next level and develop new markets or simply looking to find, experience, and learn about traveling on your holidays to hong kong, investment opportunities, and amazing products in the USA and Philippines.

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  • This August, 11th August, 09:00 am, Travel, Trade, & Consumer Roadshow at Meadowlands Expo Center in Secaucus
  • This August, 18th August, 09:00 am, Travel, Trade, & Consumer Roadshow at Yerba Buena Gardens in California

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There are plenty of reasons why people choose to visit Asia. People have been backpacking Southeast Asia since the late 1960s / early 1970s. Even if you don’t want to backpack Southeast Asia, the region is home to plenty of resorts, beautiful hotels, world-class restaurants, private buses and cars, and everything you need to have a luxurious holiday on a budget.

Several Southeast Asian countries require that your passport has at least six months’ worth of validity left, or a specific number of empty pages so make sure you check the documentation needed before your trip, yo avoid any delays. Don’t forget that this will be the trip of your life, it needs to be perfect.

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