Another Storm is Coming: How to Get Prepared

Another Storm is Coming: How to Get Prepared

Redwood City – Heavy rain and high winds are forecast today for San Mateo County, prompting local officials to urge residents to stock an emergency kit and sign up for emergency alerts.

The National Weather Service warns that “heavy rain will runoff quickly,” causing flooding of creeks and streams and “numerous shallow landslides.”

Three inches of rain or more is expected in the coastal hills with wind gusts as high as 50 mph. Rain is also expected to be heavy at times across the rest of the county, prompting a regionwide flood watch today through Friday morning.

“With harsh weather in the forecast and likely more on the way, the time to prepare yourself and your family is now,” said Shruti Dhapodkar, director of the County’s Department of Emergency Management.

“To make it simple, think about what you want or need as if you’re going to be staying home for a few days – with the potential of flooding and power outages,” Dhapodkar said.


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