A unified campaign to stop labor and sex trafficking, bringing a successful approach to a regional scale

Leaders representing King County, Port of Seattle, City of Seattle, Sound Transit, Delta Airlines, and Alaska Airlines today launched a unified public awareness campaign to stop human trafficking, encouraging survivors to call a national hotline for assistance.

It is modeled after a successful campaign led by the King County Council in 2013 that dramatically increased the number of trafficking survivors who called for resources, including medical care, financial assistance, and housing.
The campaign launched today will expand the approach to a regional scale with additional public, private, and nonprofit partners sharing resource signs at airports, buses, trains, health clinics, libraries, law enforcement offices, public defender offices, community centers, and elsewhere throughout the region.

“We have the dedicated employees, strong partnerships, and shared commitment needed to stop labor and sex trafficking in our region,” said King County Executive Constantine. “Human traffickers prey on people in our community who are vulnerable, specifically targeting people of color. Our united effort will connect survivors with the resources they need to break free and thrive once again.”

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Contact: Chad Lewis, 206-263-1250

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