A Message from our CEO: We Stand in Solidarity

Last week, the appalling death of George Floyd deeply saddened our hearts. This tragedy is yet another example of the systemic racism in America.   It must stop. Our heart goes to out to the families of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and the countless others who lost their lives to racism and injustice.

As an African American, I founded Crossings TV because of my experience growing up watching a television system devoid of people that looked like me.  The Asian-American experience is marked by a history of exclusion and discrimination similar to that of African Americans.  As a media entity and home base for Asian Americans, Crossings TV must stand in solidarity with the black community in demanding the justice long overdue.  This means radical change starting now.

Over the past few days, we’ve seen people standing up and speaking up; we’ve seen massive movements across the country; we’ve seen police officers kneeing with those they’d sworn to protect; we’ve seen peaceful protesters guiding their true cause away from looting and destruction. We’re in awe of their heroic courage and strength. Crossings TV unwaveringly stands behind their quest to ensure a better America for all. 

We’ve also seen acts of property damage affecting already fragile minority small businesses, many of them Asia. This may especially be the case for Hmong Americans due to one of the officers in the George Floyd murder being Hmong.  We condemn those who would divide us.  Making the necessary change will require us all; not just African Americans, not just Asian-Americans, not just Hispanic-Americans but all Americans.

Frank Washington
CEO & Founder, Crossings TV

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