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CBN News

Daily news report on events in the U.S. and around the world.


Showbiz Magazines

Explore the latest music, films, fashion, celebrities and so much more, all on Showbiz Magazines.

The Golden Spoon

The King of Food

Vietnam’s “The King of Food”, where contestants answer a series of questions, testing their knowledge of food. The winners get to enjoy these delicious dishes while the losers watch in starvation.


Discover Vietnam with Chef Martin Yan

Famous chef Martin Yan travels across the county to explore the unique local foods and beauty of Vietnam.


Travel with Chef Robert Danhi

Chef Robert Danhi travels throughout Vietnam and talks about different ingredients to cook amazing food.


Vietnamese Drama

Hit drama titles fromm around the world (with Vietnamese dubbing), such as “How Long is Forever (Mãi Mãi là bao lâu)”,”Boss! I Love you (Sếp Ơi Anh Yêu Em)” and “My Husband’s Ex-Girlfriend (Người yêu cũ của chồng)”


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