Get Your Flu Shot

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Last flu season an estimated 80,000 Americans died of flu complications – the highest death toll in four decades. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 90 percent of the deaths were among those over age 65, but the flu also took the lives of 180 young children and teenagers, exceeding the previous record high of 171.
Sacramento County Department of Health Services, Public Health Division urges all Sacramento County residents to prioritize getting the flu shot every year to protect yourself and your family from the deadly virus. Cases of influenza can show up as early as October and the flu season continues through February.

“Everyone in the community, who can get vaccinated, should get vaccinated. Vaccination is the best protection against the flu and a preventable death” Sacramento County Department of Health Services Director Dr. Peter Beilenson said. “As the number of vaccinated individuals in a community increases, it decreases the transmission of the flu virus to those who have not, or cannot be vaccinated resulting in fewer hospitalizations and deaths.”

We all must do our part to protect the community from the flu virus. Learn about the misconceptions of the season flu and flu vaccines on the CDC website. Those most vulnerable to the flu are seniors, children under 6 months of age and individuals with a compromised immune system such as those living with diabetes, HIV, or going through chemotherapy.
“Those who cannot receive the vaccine, including infants under six months of age, rely on others being vaccinated to help protect them,” Sacramento County Public Health Officer Dr. Olivia Kasirye, said. “The earlier people get vaccinated, the better. It takes two weeks for the protective properties of the vaccine to take effect.”

Find a clinic near you with the Health Map Vaccine Finder or visit one of the free Adult and Family Flu Clinics hosted by the Sacramento County Immunization Assistance Program throughout the months of October and November. The next clinic will take place Wednesday, October 10, 2018, 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m., at the Citrus Heights Community Center.

Flu shots will be available for persons over six months of age without medical contraindication to receive the vaccine. For questions or to find out more about the vaccination clinics, contact the Sacramento County Immunization Assistance Program at (916) 875-7468.

Sacramento County Immunization Assistance Program Free Adult and Family Flu Clinics:

Wednesday, October 10, 10am-1pm
Citrus Heights Community Center
6300 Fountain Square Dr., Citrus Heights, CA, 95621
Wednesday, October 17, 10am-1pm

Cordova Church of Christ
10577 Coloma Rd., Rancho Cordova, CA, 95670
Thursday, October 25, 10am-1pm

Loaves & Fishes
1321 N. C Street #22, Sacramento, CA, 95811
Saturday, October 27, 9:30am-1pm

Church of Christ
4910 Lemon Hill Ave., Sacramento, CA, 95824
Wednesday, October 31, 10am-1pm

Hart Senior Center
915 27th Street, Sacramento, CA, 95816
Wednesday, November 7 10am-1pm

Mission Oaks
4701 Gibbons Dr., Carmichael, CA, 95608

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