Elk Grove Transit Ride-A-Long to Promote Free Rides for Students

SacRT’s RydeFreeRT program now includes Elk Grove youth to ride fare-free

Elk Grove, CA—Today, the City of Elk Grove Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen and Elk Grove Unified School District
(EGUSD) Superintendent Christopher R. Hoffman rode Elk Grove transit to promote the fare-free for youth
program called RydeFreeRT. The two officials rode bus route E111 this morning to get first-hand experience of
how well the transit program works, and greet the students that were riding with goodie bags.

Elk Grove Transit Services (e-tran) became part of the SacRT District on July 1, 2021, and as one of the benefits of
the annexation agreement, the RydeFreeRT program became available for all Elk Grove students/youth.

RydeFreeRT allows students/youth in grades TK-12th to ride SacRT bus, light rail and on-demand SmaRT Ride
microtransit services for free.

Since Thursday, August 19, Elk Grove students have taken advantage of more than 1,000 free rides with the
RydeFreeRT program.

“I think every Elk Grove family should know about the RydeFreeRT fare program. It’s a safe, convenient, and free
option for getting our students to school that reduces traffic on the roads and supports a cleaner environment,”
said City of Elk Grove Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen.

“Greater access to safe transportation for our students with RydeFreeRT opens scores of opportunities
for Elk Grove and Sacramento youth. For our students, having the ability to safely move from point A to point B at
no cost to go to school, work or play is a real game changer. We want to help spread that message and make sure
all of our students are aware of this opportunity,” said EGUSD Superintendent Christopher R. Hoffman.

“We are excited the City of Elk Grove has rejoined the SacRT family. As part of this reunion, we are ecstatic to
bring numerous transit benefits to the city, including our tremendously popular RydeFreeRT program for students
and youth,” said SacRT General Manager/CEO Henry Li.

A recent study on youth ridership published by the University of Texas at Austin found a statistically significant
increase in the share of students reporting SacRT use to get to and from school, as well as a corresponding
statistically significant decrease in the share of students reporting automobile use. Youth who reported using
SacRT also reported that they can more easily access important non-school destinations because of the
RydeFreeRT program. Many students not necessarily using SacRT to get to school regularly reported they are using
the service more to get to after school and non-school activities because of the RydeFreeRT program. Learn more
about the study and the RydeFreeRT program at rydefreert.com.

To view Elk Grove bus routes and schedules visit sacrt.com/elkgrovetransit

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