UPDATE on Heatwave Prep and PSPS

PG&E is closely monitoring an anticipated lingering heat wave forecasted this holiday week that is expected to peak on Tuesday and Wednesday with highs reaching near 110 degrees in some areas.  The sea breeze will be weak, making coastal and bay areas hotter than usual. The heat wave is significant due to its rarity and severity, with conditions that have only occurred 18 times since PG&E began tracking this data in the 1970s. It poses health risks and potential for heat-related outages, especially for subsurface transformers and other temperature-sensitive devices.   

PG&E has taken measures to bolster the electric system’s reliability, including reviewing and rescheduling non-essential work, checking the inventory of critical components, and updating staffing plans for the heat event. PG&E’s approach to mitigating wildfire risks includes the removal of trees close to power lines, vigilant surveillance of our infrastructure, and ensuring that our field personnel are equipped with adequate fire suppression tools and follow established safety measures.  

In a separate note, PG&E shut off power for safety for approximately 2,000 customers across small portions of eight counties and one tribal community early Tuesday morning. These customers had previously been informed of a potential PSPS event.

Customers currently impacted by this week’s PSPS, by county/tribe:

NAPA: 19

Due to favorable weather conditions, PG&E has delayed the start of the planned PSPS event for approximately 10,000 additional customers—mostly in Glenn and Shasta counties. PG&E is continually monitoring weather conditions and will update those customers on the status of the PSPS event for their area. For PSPS updates, we encourage customers to visit www.pge.com/pspsupdates and look up if they will be impacted by this event. This website is available in 16 languages.

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