Each year, Crossings TV celebrates Asian Pacific American Heritage Month in May by producing “Journeys”, an original documentary that takes a personal look at inspiring Asian Americans and their life’s journey to success.

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Healthy Relationships

A series of programs from My Sister’s House that show aspects of healthy and unhealthy relationships as well as raise the awareness of domestic violence in our community. Healthy Relationships is sponsored by a grant from the Office on Violence Against Women.

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Hmong New Year

As the Hmong have immigrated to many places in America, modern Hmong society has added many new activities and sports to their traditional New Year celebration. The Hmong New Year, as celebrated today, still maintains the cultural roots and serves as a reminder to the youth of their history and traditions as Hmong people. Crossings TV brings you highlights from celebrations around your area!

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Pacific Rim Street Fest

Each May in Old Sacramento, The Pacific Rim Street Festival draws tens of thousands of locals for a day of food, family, fun, and entertainment! And only Crossings TV is there to bring you a full highlight show of the day’s events. Now you can watch them here!

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tet Festival

Tết, which means the first morning of the first day of the new year, is the Vietnamese New Year. Crossings TV brings you special highlights of the celebrations in your area!

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Filipino Fiesta 09

Watch Crossings TV at the Jose Rizal Community Center from 10 to 5 where there will be food and vendor booths, cultural dancing, singing, exhibits, demonstrations, entertainment, and more in celebration of the Filipino Culture in Sacramento.

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Sikh Parade Yuba City

Watch Crossings TV at the Yuba City Sikh Parade! Each year, Crossings TV is in Yuba City, CA, to celebrate the Nagar Kirtan (or Sikh Parade), the largest procession of Sikhs outside of India. Only Crossings TV brings you local coverage of this annual event!

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Miss Asia Sacramento

Check out our coverage of the Miss Asia Sacramento Pageant. Crossings TV was the only station to film and broadcast a highlight show of this event!

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Voters Education Forum

Each year, APAPA (Asian Pacific Islander Public Affairs) holds a Voters Education Forum in many cities with the goal of educating and introducing candidates to the multicultural voters that make up a large part of their constituency. Crossings TV provides special coverage of this event.

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