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Vote for your favorite “Portrait of Youth Musician” performer here!!

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Yang Yi Guzheng Ensemble – “Hanging Red Lantern”
Hanging red Lantern - Yang Yi Gu Zheng
Diana King Dance Academy – “Dance Medley”
Dance Medley - Diana King Dance Academy
Kelly Shao & Audrey Ma – “Invisible Wings”
Invisible Wings - Kelly Shao and Audrey Ma
Pearlie Zhang – “God Help the Outcasts”
God Help the Outcasts - Pearlie Zhang
Christine Ling –
“Panis Angelicus”

Panis Angelicus - Christine Ling
Nai Ni Chen Youth Dance – “The Swallow”
The Swallow - Nai-Ni Chen Youth Dance Troupe
Elise Wang –
“I Believe”

I Believe - Elise Wang
Grace Chen – “Flowers Blossom All Over the Mt”
Flowers Blossoms All Over the Mountain - Grace Chen
Yang Quing Youth Dance – “Why the Flowers so Red”
Why Flowers So Red - Yang Qing Youth Dance Troupe
Michelle Zhong –
“My Favorite Things”

My Favorite Things - Michelle Zhong
Vivian Wu – “I’ve Cried Enough/Adagio”
I've Cried Enough - Vivian Wu
Katelyn Weng –
“Yi River Song”

Yi River Song - Katelyn Weng
Erica Lee/Jodie Chou/Rebecca Luo – “Dream of Dunhuang”
Dream of Dunhuang - Erica Lee Jodie Chiou Rebecca Luo
Shang Guan Ji Yi – “Subdual/Enthusiasm”
Subdual and Enthusiasm Desert - Shang-Guan Ji yi
Victoria Pan – “Sonata No.3 Allegro Assai”
Sonata No 3 Allegro assai - Victoria Pan
Yang Qing Youth Dance – “Huaxi, Huaxi”
Huaxi Huaxi - Yang Qing Youth Dance Troupe
Jennifer Zhang – “Dance of the Yi Tribe”
Dance of Yi Tribe - Jennifer Zhang
Katelyn Weng/Diana King Dance – “Fishermen’s Song”
Fishermen's Song - Katelyn Weng and Diana King Dance Group
Audrey Ma/Kelly Shao/Christine Ling/Olivia Gao – “To Believe”
To Believe - Audrey Ma Kelly Shao Christine Ling Olivia Gao
Amy Pandit – “Therapy/Liar,Liar”
Therapy and Liar Liar - Amy Pandit
Claire Gao –
“Yellow River Caprice”

Yellow River Caprice - Claire Gao
James Ma/Brian Hong/David Liu – “Torna a Surriento”
Torna a Surriento - James Ma Brian Hong David Liu
Joyce Zheng – “Not for the Life of Me/Popular”
Not for the Life of Me and Popular - Joyce Zheng
Nai Ni Chen Youth Dance – “Miao Dance”
Miao Dance - Nai-Ni Chen Youth Dance Troupe
Zhang Ruobing –
“Nessum Dorma”

Nessum Dorma - Zhang Ruobing
Peiwen Liao –
“Eugene Ysaye”

Eugene Ysaye - Peiwen Liao
Diana King Dance Group – “The Wind, The Rain”
The Wind The Rain - Diana King Dance Group
Emily Li –
“O Holy Night/Hallelujah”

O Holy Night and Hallelujah - Emily Li
Diana King Dance Academy – “2nd Waltz”
2nd Waltz - Diana King Dance Academy
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