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Russian / Русский Programs

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Daily Russian newscast that brings you latest stories and current trends in Russia and around the world. SAMPLE CLIP


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From RTVi’s New York studio, Vladimir Lenskiy brings to you weekly exclusive interviews, news analysis and special reports. SAMPLE CLIP


CNL Family Television / CNL Children’s Hour

CNL is the first Christian TV channel in the Russian language for families. CNL brings quality digital productions to your home. SAMPLE CLIP


Open Lessson

Unique educational literature program with one of the most popular Russian writer, critic and journalist Dmitriy Bykov. SAMPLE CLIP


American Likbez

An enlightening and educational tour of the United States. The viewers will get answers to questions, such as, “How did skyscrapers originate? How do American banks operate? How are Hollywood movies really made? Who are the famous Russians that changed America forever?”.SAMPLE CLIP


Russian Accent

All Russian-American journalists see America differently. The show hosts take the viewers on a fascinating New York discovery voyage, accentuating the most remarkable areas in the life of this incredible city. SAMPLE CLIP

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