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FCC Consumer Guides in Four AAPI Languages – Now Available Online!

The Federal Communications Commission’s top consumer guides are now available in Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese and Tagalog to better serve Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities. Developed at the suggestion of several AAPI advocacy groups, these translated materials are provided to help consumers understand their rights and protections under telecommunications laws and FCC policies. Consumer guides address topics that range ... Read More »

Local residents junk some 40,000 tons of textiles yearly

But old clothes and linens aren’t garbage anymore—learn what you can do SEATTLE — Ellen Pepin and her husband, Gregg Cato, are no strangers to their neighborhood donation center. “We live in a small house,” says Ellen, “and things pile up quickly. We’re constantly trying to declutter—cleaning out the basement or reorganizing our closets—so we always have a few things ... Read More »

Free Dental, Vision and Medical Care (Seattle/King Country Clinic) at Seattle Center

Time: October 27 – 30 Location: Seattle Center All welcome! Patients DO NOT need ID or proof of citizenship • Admission tickets distributed at 5:00 AM in Fisher Pavilion at Seattle Center (Corner of 2nd Ave N & Thomas St) • No advance registration: FIRST-COME, FIRST-SERVED • Highest demand for tickets on Saturday & Sunday • Interpreters available • FREE parking in two locations: – Mercer ... Read More »


English | Chinese 就在七月份,全美及全球各地的醫學專家和社區倡導者將聯手宣傳「世界肝炎日」,以提高大眾對於慢性乙型肝炎的關注,該疾病現正影響多達 200 萬的美國人士。 雖然任何人都可能罹患乙型肝炎 (乙肝),但其中絕大多數為亞裔人口,佔全世界罹患該疾病人口近四分之三。在美國,多達 100 萬的亞裔人口罹患慢性乙型肝炎,佔全美罹患該疾病人口的半數。 但究竟何為乙型肝炎?為什麼對於亞裔社區可造成如此威脅? 乙型肝炎是其病毒經由血液和其他體液傳輸所引起的疾病。慢性乙型肝炎可以管理,甚至可以預防,但若對其置之不理,乙型肝炎所造成的併發症卻可能致命。 來自中國、韓國、寮國、緬甸、越南、印度及菲律賓的第一代在美亞裔人士,由於這些國家對於嬰兒接種乙型肝炎疫苗的比例偏低,因此特別具有高風險罹患乙型肝炎。事實上,絕大多數罹患乙型肝炎的亞裔人士,均是自母體出生時感染,因此在亞裔社區中,同一家庭裡多人感染乙型肝炎的可悲事例屢見不鮮。 儘管亞裔社區具有高發病率,但在美國,每三位罹患慢性乙型肝炎的亞裔患者中,卻有多達兩位不知道自己被感染,這是因為乙型肝炎往往不會產生明顯症狀。慢性乙型肝炎會隨著時間逐漸破壞肝臟,提高罹患嚴重肝臟疾病的風險。 當亞裔移民預計將在未來 40 年成為全美最大的移民人口之際,提醒大家注意這個所謂的「沉默」疾病,比以往任何時候更顯重要。幸好乙型肝炎可使用快速簡單的驗血方式輕鬆檢測得知。每個人都應該與自己的醫生商談關於接受檢測事宜 – 尤其若身為亞裔更應該如此。 若乙肝檢測結果呈現陰性,現在有一種安全有效的疫苗可預防乙肝,而且已在全美各地廣泛使用。若乙肝檢測結果呈現陽性,請與醫生洽談自己是否適合接受治療。定期篩檢以監控肝臟健康甚為重要,同時也有一些治療方法可能減少病毒數量,降低肝臟受到進一步損傷的風險。有些方法甚至只需一天一顆藥丸便可。 因此,在七月廿八日的「世界肝炎日」這一天,歡迎加入全美及全球成千上百萬位亞裔人士的行列,一起接受乙型肝炎檢測。 請瀏覽網站 以獲得關於慢性乙型肝炎的資訊,並瞭解由 Gilead Sciences 所贊助的獲獎提名紀錄短片《行動起來》詳情。這部紀錄片記述了王中倫及 AJ 兩位亞裔美國人對抗慢性乙型肝炎的生活,以及他們的家人如何應對這種潛在致命疾病所造成的影響。這部影片的宗旨,是在教育、鼓舞並最終消除人們對於乙肝的誤解。《行動起來》配有中文、韓文及越南文字幕。 Read More »

July 28th is World Hepatitis Day: Get Tested for Hepatitis B

English | Chinese In July, medical experts and community advocates in the United States and across the globe will join forces to mark World Hepatitis Day, and to raise awareness of a disease that affects as many as two million Americans: chronic hepatitis B. While anyone can contract hepatitis B (hep B), people of Asian descent bear the heaviest burden, ... Read More »

Register by 8/1 – EHC Student Video Contest

Encourage your young people to tell their stories  and compete for cash prizes in EHC’s Student Video Contest Entry forms are due August 1    Video submissions are due September 15 Ethnic Heritage Council has video cameras students may borrow Contact us at Read More »


English | Chinese | Japanese | Filipino Kabilang sa Nilalama ang Mga Pelikula mula sa Sentro para sa Asyanong Amerikanong Media, Well Go Entertainment, Eros Now at TV Japan PHILADELPHIA, PA – Mayo 2, 2016 – Sa pagkilala ng Buwan ng Pamana ng Asyanong-Paspikong Amerikano ngayong Mayo, itataguyod ng Comcast ng koleksiyon ng Asyanong-Amerikanong nilalaman sa mga platform ng Xfinity ... Read More »

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