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A unified campaign to stop labor and sex trafficking, bringing a successful approach to a regional scale

Leaders representing King County, Port of Seattle, City of Seattle, Sound Transit, Delta Airlines, and Alaska Airlines today launched a unified public awareness campaign to stop human trafficking, encouraging survivors to call a national hotline for assistance. It is modeled after a successful campaign led by the King County Council in 2013 that dramatically increased the number of trafficking survivors ... Read More »

REAL ID 法案(真實身份法)將於 2020 年 10 月 1 日在華州生效

REAL ID 是一項聯邦法律,並非一張身份證。根據此法律,現有的幾種身份證件已適用於新的標準,包括: 永久居民卡(綠卡) 美國軍人身份證 美國護照 外國護照 強化駕駛執照(EDL) 強化身份證(EID) 你為 REAL ID 準備好了嗎?請登錄ID2020中文官網查詢 Read More »

Ethnic Chambers of Commerce Coalition Stands Up for Local Businesses with Endorsement of I-1634

SEATTLE — At a press conference today in Seattle’s International District, the Ethnic Chambers of Commerce Coalition (ECCC) announced their support of Yes! To Affordable Groceries, Washington State Initiative 1634, which will prohibit new, local taxes on food and beverages. “Small businesses in the Seattle area are already carrying more than their fair share of the tax burden. We have ... Read More »

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