Thursday , 20 July 2017
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PG&E Begins Daily Aerial Patrols to Spot and Speed Wildfire Response

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.— Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) has begun daily aerial fire detection patrols across hundreds of miles of its service area. The patrols are to assist the U.S. Forest Service, CAL FIRE and local fire agencies with early fire detection and response this summer. PG&E is launching the patrols this week due to an increase in fire ... Read More »

麥當勞餐廳預期今夏在全美僱用25萬人 通過Snapchat等摩登工具以新穎手法招募人才

伊利諾州OAK BROOK – 夏天的腳步近了,麥當勞(McDonald’s)及其獨立特許經營者已做好準備,將在全美僱用大約25萬名員工。   公司擁有的餐廳所僱用的員工中預期超過半數的年齡在16到24歲之間,其中許多是第一次打工。對於正在找工作的年輕人而言,這是一個大好的消息,因為根據勞工統計局的數字顯示,由於傳統暑期打工機會的減少,十幾歲的年輕人中只有不到三分之一會在國殤日和勞動節之間找到工作。   為了讓招募人才的工作更有效果,麥當勞帶頭使用摩登招募工具 – Snapchat。 “‘Snaplications’是麥當勞自創的新名詞,也是美國人力市場首次見到的招募工具。正在找工作的人會收到徵才廣告,並可直接在Snapchat應用程式上填寫資料,開始應徵麥當勞餐廳的工作。麥當勞在今年稍早曾於澳大利亞使用類似Snaplications的執行程式,也使用包括 Spotify和Hulu在內的平台作為將找工作的人和品牌連接起來的新方式。   “我們隨時都在找尋招募人才的創新方式。Snaplications讓我們通過找工作的人的手機,直接和他們聯繫上,”美國麥當勞人力資源資深總監Jez Langhorn表示。   全美各地的Snapchat使用者從6月13日起可能會看到一則10秒視頻廣告,內容是真實的麥當勞員工講述在麥當勞工作的好處。使用者看完廣告後只需將手機螢幕往上滑,就可立刻進入Snapchat麥當勞徵才網頁,查看麥當勞提供的工作機會,並向當地的麥當勞餐廳應徵工作。   “我們希望年輕的一代在找尋第一份工作時,能夠考量到麥當勞致力成為美國最棒的第一份工作,所以千萬不要錯過麥當勞餐廳提供的大好機會,”麥當勞業主/經營者Victor Lim表示。“我們通過彈性工時、專業技能和教育為餐廳員工提供機會。”   麥當勞及其獨立特許經營者努力為員工創造在麥當勞和日後其他工作場所圓滿成功的工作環境,包括像Archways to Opportunity®教育計劃等,讓參與計劃的餐廳員工有獲取高中文憑,直接領取大學學費補助,接受免費教育諮詢服務,和母語非英語者學習英語的機會。   找工作者請登入了解詳情和應徵工作。   美國麥當勞簡介 McDonald’s USA, LLC(美國麥當勞)每天以高質量食材,選擇多樣化的餐單服務大約2千5百萬顧客。全美1萬4千家麥當勞中將近百分之90由身份為獨立雇主的男女企業家獨立擁有和運營。他們自行制定包括餐廳工作人員的待遇和福利在內的聘僱政策和執行方式。麥當勞對獨立特許經營者的聘僱政策與執行方式沒有控制權,也不是在特許經營餐廳工作者的雇主。麥當勞擁有的餐廳和參與的特許經營餐廳提供上述福利。現在顧客可在大約1萬1千5百家參與提供Wi-Fi的美國麥當勞免費上網。欲知詳情,請登入,或通過推特追踪我們 Twitter@McDonalds,或參考臉書專頁。   Read More »

McDonald’s Restaurants Expect to Hire 250,000 People this Summer across the U.S. Puts a new spin on reaching job seekers through modern recruitment tools like Snapchat

OAK BROOK, IL – With summer around the corner, McDonald’s and its independent franchisees are gearing up to hire approximately 250,000 restaurant employees across the U.S.   More than half of the hires at company-owned restaurants are projected to be between the ages of 16 – 24 years old, and for many, it is their first job. For young job ... Read More »

Nationally Acclaimed Futurist to Address Mobility Trends and the Impact on Attracting Tomorrow’s Workforce – SacRT and Metro Chamber Anticipate a Sold-Out Crowd

Sacramento, CA – Tickets are selling fast for a seat at the “Transit Means Business” luncheon where expert John Martin, CEO of Southestern Institute of Research, intends to discuss emerging trends among millenials.  Martin, known for his thought provoking dialogue, will focus on the generation’s preferences and their potential impacts on the nation’s business sector. Sacramento Regional Transit District (SacRT) ... Read More »

PG&E Urges Grads to Celebrate Safely with Weighted Balloons

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. — With graduation season in full swing, Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) is warning customers about the public safety risks associated with helium-filled metallic balloons: If your graduation celebration involves balloons, make sure they are secured with a weight. Otherwise they can float away and come into contact with overhead power lines, causing a public safety ... Read More »


Princess Ten Ten and the Dark Skies dares to push the boundaries of musical theater for audiences of all ages. Ten Ten is a coming of age story of girl who is bullied and rejected by her father because she does not conform to the gender norms of her society. Original story creator, Associate Professor Setsu Shigematsu, has collaborated with ... Read More »

San Joaquin RTD Wins National Transportation Marketing and Sales Association Compass Award of Merit

Stockton, CA – The Transportation Marketing & Sales Association (TMSA) announced the recipients of the 2017 TMSA Compass Awards Program on May 2, 2017. San Joaquin Regional Transit District (RTD) won an Award of Merit in the Ad Campaign Category for their television commercial, “The Places You Can Go on RTD!” This awards program recognizes marketing and sales best practices ... Read More »

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