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Kalayaan 2013 – Philippine Independence Day Celebration



June 15, 2013  10am – 7pm
Union Square, San Francisco, CA

Kalayaan 2013, named after the Filipino word for “independence”, will be held in San Francisco in June to commemorate and celebrate the 115th anniversary of the Declaration of Philippine Independence, which occurred in Kawit, Cavite on June 12, 1898.

Organized on an annual basis by the Filipino-American community in the Bay Area with the support of the Philippine Consulate General in San Francisco, the celebration showcases Philippine culture and heritage, with this year’s theme drawing attention to the contributions Filipinos and Filipino-Americans have made to their communities, through the application of creativity, talent, and ingenuity.

For the first time ever, this celebration will be held in the heart of downtown San Francisco, in historic Union Square, where the Dewey Monument bears inscriptions honoring Admiral George Dewey’s victory at the battle of Manila Bay, during the Spanish-American War.

For the first time this year, the celebration will also feature Latitude | Longitude Emerging Markets Business Conference, a one-day conference on June 14 that builds on the Philippines’ recent economic successes and showcases the country as one of the most promising global destinations for business and technology investments.

About the Kalayaan Celebration:
The Kalayaan Celebration is an outdoor event held on Saturday, June 15, at Union Square in San Francisco, featuring a cultural showcase, food bazaar, live concert and Business Expo. Visitors to the event can expect to find a variety of products, gift items, art, and craft work that highlight the talent and creativity of the Filipino-American community.

The event will also feature street performances from local Filipino-American cultural and performing arts groups, which highlight the unique and vibrant cultures of the different regional and tribal groups of the Philippines. Performances, which will be held throughout the day within Union Square, will reflect the evolution of Philippine cultural expression, from the traditional to the contemporary.

The Business Expo will take place inside a large pavilion at Union Square and will showcase some of most brilliant talent across business and technology from the Philippines and the San Francisco Bay Area.

The Business Conference showcases the best of Philippine ingenuity and entrepreneurship, focusing primarily on its top priority business and investment sectors: electronics, business support and IT delivery, creative technologies and industries, science and technology entrepreneurship and start-ups, and furniture and home accessories.

On June 14, a Business Conference, organized by the Science and Technology Advisory Council (STAC), will be held at the Philippine Center on Sutter Street. The Conference will focus on the Philippines’ emerging position as Southeast Asia’s best-kept secret, and a top destination for foreign investments. Topics covered range from the country’s current economic policies and pathway to success; emerging industries in the Philippines; the rise of start-ups; social enterprise and sustainability in the Philippine context; and case studies of real companies that are leading innovation and entrepreneurship in the country.

About the Filipino-American Community in the Bay Area:
The Filipino American Community in the Bay Area is one of the fastest-growing ethnic communities in the United States, and the third largest in California. Over 1.2 million Filipinos live in California, half of which reside in the San Francisco Bay Area and the other half of which are based in Los Angeles and surrounding cities.

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